Important Bakery Tips for Birthday Cake

As we think of someone’s birthday, we also tend to think of delicious, beautiful birthday cakes almost right away. And particularly kids are extremely fond of these cakes. They wait the whole year for their birthdays to come in order to get their much loved, yummy cakes ordered exactly in accordance with their own suggestions and choices.

So, at this extraordinary time of your child’s birthday, get them a very unique birthday cake; one of their own preference, with the beloved cartoon character, super heroes, landscapes or other such stuff. Let them be really excited with their most wanted edible and be prepared to rock the merrymaking!

And yes…why not do something extra exceptional this time? Let’s bake the cake our self! Isn’t it a great suggestion, folks? Baking a cake in a professional way might seem to be rather unfeasible thought, though it is nothing of that sort, really! What is required at this moment is just taking care of certain important factors while baking it, and you are for sure going to get the party go bonkers over the delicious, mouth-watering and attractive cake.

Technically speaking, the cake-baking recipes have gone a huge change from the time they were first started to be made. Although a little alteration has taken place in the form of its ingredients, but it was capable of bringing a big change in its consistency, taste and quality; and that is, the shift from active yeast to whipped cakes. When starting to bake the cake, remember to add half a tablespoon of soda bicarb to 200 gram of flour which should be of a good quality.

Basically a cake should be thoroughly blended with butter or margarine and sugar in the mixture of yet again thoroughly blended flour and egg-whites and yolks, both before baking. The clever way of baking a cake is to carry out the whole thing meticulously and to put in as much air to the combination as doable. Carry out this process energetically and wait for the cream to turn pastel and velvety; since this blend actually is supposed to be lighter from the time it was first begun.

Take a bowl for mixing all the ingredients of the cake so that no lumps are formed and do not forget to do the blending quite forcefully for a better result. And remember a very key tip here; that is, stir all these elements in an up and down motion and never in a circular movement. This will allow the cake to be filled in with added and extra air necessary for the cake to raise light and soft.

The last, but not the least, is the time-factor; that is after you have finished doughing all the cake ingredients together, please take care not to take much time for putting it into the oven as the mixture has a lot of air in it and the soda bicarb stars to get converted to carbon dioxide quickly, which is not desirable here. Heat the mixture for about an hour or so and just wait for your delicious cake to come out soft and high!

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