Jelly Roll Pan For Your Sponge Cakes

Preparing sheet and sponge cakes would definitely be a lot more difficult without the help of a jelly roll pan. Though there are standard sizes for such cake pans, they can also be purchased in smaller or larger varieties depending on the shops where you look for them. The most common jelly roll pan is 151 inches long and 101 inches wide with sides that are no more than an inch deep.

There are all sorts of tips and tricks about how to make the best of a jelly roll pan; one such culinary secret is the use of wax paper in the pan so as to avoid cake sticking. All you have to do is grease the bottom of the jelly roll pan with oil or butter and then cover it with waxed paper; when the baking process is over, turn the pan upside down and peel off the paper. The cake will be clean and appetizing.

Let's take the case of cake rolls for example, they are usually baked in a jelly roll pan, and after baking they are covered with some type of filling and rolled carefully so they do not crack. The type of cake that works best for roll making is known as sponge cake, and to give just two examples of such a dessert, we should mention biscuit rolls and ladyfingers. However, any other kind of flexible cake can be baked in a jelly roll pan and used to make a roll afterwards.

In many cases, the jelly roll pan is often used for the cooking other types of cakes too, like cookies, home biscuits and the like. Moreover, there are cases when one can broil, baek or merely heat food with the help of a jelly roll pan, hence we can say that its use is not limited only to dessert making. On the contrary, people often prefer this type of pan for cooking meat since it usually has a non-stick surface that makes it very practical.

A high quality jelly roll pan will always brown your cake evenly and prevent bending. The aluminum-steel combination that is used for the cooking surface of this type of pan makes the food easy to release and together with this advantage comes the easy-clean too. Not just the jelly roll pan but the edges are easy to wash too, even in the dishwasher. Have a look on the many online catalogs and see which size and model would best suit your purposes; a jelly roll pan is a great tool when you want to bake a nice cake for your family.

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