Cookies By Design Offers New Gift Ideas

With spring comes parties and giving gifts. With several parties to attend over the next two months, I found that Mother's Day was causing me a little problem with coming up with gift ideas for my mother and mother-in-law. Since they have collected everything they could need over the years, finding a gift for them was difficult. Here is a well put together hobby related page As I was trying to discover some gift idea, a friend told me she was ordering from Cookies by Design. Having never heard of this, I had to ask what she meant. Apparently, Cookies by Design makes various cookie bouquets and other treats for many occasions. They even deliver.

Deciding to look them up, I found that Cookies by Design offered a spring bouquet that would be perfect with a spring collage of tulips, daisies, and other flowers. Quickly ordering two of them, I let Cookies by Design handle the delivery for Mother's Day. The bouquets were a hit with both of our mothers.

While still celebrating Mother's Day, I received an invitation to our nephew's graduation party in three weeks. Since my sister-in-law needed help with decorations for his party, I suggested that she look into Cookies by Design. Searching their website, we found several graduation themed bouquets as well as several sports themes, which was helpful since my nephew played several sports while in high school.

Cookies by Design came to the rescue again as we planned my niece's baby shower. With absolutely adorable baby shower bouquets, you almost don?t want to eat them. However, the cookies actually taste wonderful. Cookies by Design offers a unique twist to center pieces and gifts. Not only are they beautiful and eye-catching, but you can also eat them!

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