Examples of Delicious Mexican Cookies

There are many different types of Mexican cookies, including Mexican painted cookies, Mexican sugar cookies, and Mexican wheat cookies. Some types of cookies are designed for celebrations and special occasions and others are to be enjoyed at any time. Whenever you bite into a rich, flavorsome Mexican cookie, you will understand why these tasty treats are so popular.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

These are Mexican traditional cookies, made from shortbread. Mexican wedding cookies are very popular and they often feature groundnuts such as almonds, pecans, and walnuts. These cookies are served at Christmas, weddings, and anniversaries. Sweden and Russia also enjoy these cookies, calling them teacakes. Why not find a Mexican wedding cookie recipe and make your own, the next time there is a special event?

Tasty Mexican Biscochitos

Biscochitos is another popular cookie in Mexico. It originated in Spain. When the Spaniards came to Mexico, they also brought the cookie. They are made with anise seeds and sprinkled with cinnamon. Depending on the maker, some of these cookies include different ingredients. You might find some biscochitos with orange juice and wine taste for added flavor. The cookies are cut with cookie cutters or made into diamond shapes. Some people even drink wine while eating them.

What are Mexican Marranitos, Cochinos, or Puerquitos?

Marranitos is a cookie with different names. It is also called cochinos or puerquitos in different Mexican-American communities. It is known as "gingerbread pigs" even though there is no ginger in the cookie. The cookie is shaped like a pig. Traditional marranitos get their spicy flavor from molasses. In Mexico, the bakers make their own molasses syrup by taking brown sugar and placing it into cones. It is then boiled with the right amount of water.

Once it has turned into the syrup it is then added to the dough for the little pigs. The cookie is very moist and rich in taste with a flaky top.

Mexican Churros - Ideal with Hot Chocolate

Originating from Spain, Churros are tasty fried cookies that are seen in both Mexico and other countries. It is made from a light paste that is sweetened. The paste is piped into oil and fried until golden brown. Cinnamon is added to make it taste even sweeter. Churros are best when eaten warm. It is typical to find street vendors selling Churros. They can make them fresh right on the street.

Years ago, it used to be hard to find Churros outside of Hispanic areas, it used to be only sold at carnivals, and sporting events, but with the popularity of Latin food, it is now easy to find Churros in local restaurants and Mexican grocery stores. Some companies even offer the Churros that have an inner filling. You can find different flavors such as strawberry, apple, and chocolate. Churros are enjoyed in the United States by consumers of all nationalities.

So, now you know there are various types of Mexican cookie recipes. You might like to find a churros recipe or other Mexican cookie recipe and make your own Mexican sweet treats. Once you realize how good they taste, you will want to make them for your whole family to enjoy!

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