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What is all the hype about gluten? Do I need to be concerned? First, what is gluten? Gluten is an ergastic (i.e. non-living) protein amorphous mixture that is combined with starch in some cereal grains. Wheat, rye and barley are the most notable ones. Gluten constitutes about 80% of the protein in wheat. Gluten gives kneaded dough its elasticity and allows it to be leavened.

Do I need to be concerned? Gluten only seems to affect certain people. Certain people are affected in different ways. Celiac Disease is the medical term for gluten sensitivity. The list of symptoms for Celiac Disease reminds me of the list of symptoms associated with Lupus a few years back. It is a very inclusive list. Looking at the list, just about anybody could have the symptoms. The list includes abdominal problems ranging from constipation to diarrhea. Some of the other symptoms are anemia, joint pain, bone disease, breathlessness, bruising, dental defects, depression, fatigue, hair loss, hypoglycemia, irritability, mouth ulcers, muscle cramps, nose bleeds, seizures and short stature.

Dr. Rodney Ford a Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Allergist and Nutrition Consultant believes gluten can case damage to the brain. To quote Dr. Ford, "Can gluten damage your brain? I believe that gluten was actually causing these two children to be sick. That is in the explanation for their "naughty" behavior, their moods and their headaches."

Dr. Ford proposes that gluten-sensitivity is a brain condition. He is also alarmed that gluten grain foods are the foundation of our food pyramid and the quality of gluten in our food supply is increasing.

The next question you are probably asking yourself is, "can I be diagnosed?" The answer is yes. Ask your physician to give you a thorough physical examination, a series of blood tests called Celiac Blood Panel. Next, your physician will do a duodenal biopsy where multiple samples are taken from multiple areas of your small intestine. Finally, the patient is required to go on a gluten free diet. If there is a positive change in symptoms after a period of time on this diet and your small intestine returns to its normal state the diagnosis can be confirmed.

On the bright side, life can go on without gluten. Type in "gluten free" in any search engine and you will receive a long list of websites that has gluten free recipes. More important gluten free cookies are listed several times. Yes, cookies are not out of the picture. There are web sites that are devoted to gluten free cookies. will support the gluten free great American cookie. We will offer a gluten free easy cookie recipe. And yes all our recipes are tested and free cookie recipes. You don’t have to go to a cookie store to get gluten free cookies, just go online to get a recipe and bake your own. If you believe in the hype or not, there are alternatives for the cookie lover.

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