Types Of The Lime Pickle Recepies

The Lime Pickle Recepies are very popular from ancient times. In the olden days when the kings would go out for a long duration on battlefield wars, they were given these lime pickles with them, as it has long storage duration. The Lime Pickles are preserved using different ways such as adding salt, sugar as a preservative. These pickles can be stored even for a period of one year, if prepared and stored properly.

Lime pickles, not necessarily have to be sour. They can either sweet or spicy as well. You can add salt, sugar or jaggery depending on your taste. If you want sweet lime pickles add salt or jaggery or a mixture of both. If you prefer spicy and salty ones, then use salt in your pickle recepies. Below are mentioned some of the different types of the Lime Pickle Recepies.

The Gujrathi style Lime Pickle Recepie. Wash the limes and pat it dry. Take some salt and turmeric powder in a bowl and mix well. Put some deep crosses on the lime and this mixture in the limes. Take a clean glass jar and add all the limes in it. Close it and keep on stirring the jar on the every 3rd day. But, be sure that you do not open the jar. After the lime skin softens, add red chilli powder, sugar and asafetida and stir it. Allow the sugar or jaggery to melt properly and then it can be used for eating.

Restaurant Style Lime Pickle Recepie. Cut the limes in small pieces and put them in a big jar adding one teaspoon salt. Shake the jar well to mix the salt and then keep it in sun for 2-4 days. Shake the jar without opening the lid everyday. After 4 days, add the remaining salt, stir it and leave in sun for about a month. Then take a cooking pan and heat some oil. Cook the ginger till golden brown, add the lime juice, limes from the jar, spices, chillies, and vinegar. Mix properly and allow it to cook for five minutes. Your pickle is ready to use. Store it in sterilized jars.

North Indian Style Lime Pickle Recepies. Wash and dry the limes and the make 2 cuts on the top of them, ensuring that you do not cut the lime completely. Take a big bowl and in it, mix the soaked and roasted fenugreek, mustard seeds, chilli powder and salt. Stuff this mixture in the lime carefully. In another pan, heat some oil and add cinnamon, asafetida, pepper and cloves. After they start popping, pour the oil and the mixture of the spices on the stuffed limes. Allow them to cool and then pack carefully in jars. Keep it undisturbed for about 2-3 months and then you can eat it.

There are varied types of Lime Pickle Recepies. The recepies may vary from state to state. However, lime pickles are one of the favorite items that add taste, palatability and color to your food. They are also a good appetizer and helps in the role of digestion.

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