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Hey, I'll admit it, I absolutely love chocolate! Chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, and chocolate milk are just a few of my favorites. However, did you know that regular milk chocolate and white chocolate are rather unhealthy for you? Do you also know that dark chocolate has been scientifically proven, time and time again, to be healthier than the other two chocolates? It's true! Chocolate is one of the most popular "treats" around the world, from the USA, to the UK to Germany and all the way around. Just to give you a little idea of just how popular chocolate is, retailers say that on average in the United States over $13 billion dollars is spent each year on just chocolate products! That's pretty amazing!

A study in the Journal Of The American Medical Association states that one bite or less than a quarter ounce of dark chocolate per day can lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. It has also been proven to make you feel happier as it stimulates the endorphin productions, and it contains serotonin which acts as a self antidepressant. According to most researchers they say that consumers should look for cacao percentages of 65% or higher for health benefits. So where exactly can you find sites online that offer this type of chocolate with that amount of cacao? Well, you're in luck! Listed below I have come up with three websites you can find online, and all of them offer this "healthy" chocolate. The first one is my absolute favorite but, all of these chocolates are good as well!

Healthy Chocolate Living.Co.UK - This website offers all kinds of interesting products, just the photos make me want to buy a barrel full! They offer treats such as X Power House Cookie, Power Squares, Nuggets, Activ, Omega Squares, and Protein bars. All the chocolate in all these products is 100% dark chocolate contains all the cacao and antioxidants you need to benefit from it health wise. I like to refer to the chocolate on this site as my un-guilty pleasure! Yummy! I also really like this site because they offer the Xocai chocolate which in my opinion is by far the best!

Cocoa Via - This website IS a guilty pleasure because although they do have some dark chocolate products they also have some milk chocolate products, and you don't want milk chocolate! Nonetheless, they have some really good sounding dark chocolate bars, nuts and raisins so check this site out as well, but remember, only dark chocolate is good for you! No sneaking!

Health By Chocolate - This site has very minimal products but, they are all dark chocolates. All the bars on this site directly tell you the benefits they have such as the Instant Bliss Beauty bar which is said to give you beautiful skin and the Women's Wonder Bar which is said to take sweet revenge on the symptoms of PMS and menopause!

Now these were just three really simple sites but for the most part if you go looking for healthy chocolate online you're going to see a lot of the Xocai chocolate available. This is one of the largest companies that is offering this type of healthy chocolate, and I'm telling you, it's definitely worth checking out! Heck, if you don't believe me, check em all out!

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