Chocolate-A Delicious Way To Say I Love You

Juliette Binoche introduced the drops of heaven (chocolates) in a small village and changed the lives of those who lived in the village for good, in the film "Chocolate". In celluloid or not, the heart warming winning charms of chocolate is known all over.
You want to wish someone good health, you gift them "magic" chocolates (as in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone), you wish to express your love for some one, you gift them chocolates, you simply want to wish someone the very best in life, you say it with chocolates. From chocolate eggs in Easter to hot chocolate and marshmallow in the Christmas winter, chocolate has served our taste buds for years now. Saying it with chocolate has always brought in a smile on the face of the recipient.

So how innovative can you be, when it comes to saying it with chocolates?

Heart-warming I Love You basket: Yes, melt her heart and accentuate her desire by gifting the ever popular basket of chocolate complete with heart-shaped Belgian chocolates, chocolate flavored candles, chocolate covered edibles and throw in some bath moose as well. Voila! You have the perfect recipe for a heart-warming delight.

Get-well soon basket: A basket of chocolates, simple yet savory and wrapped in bright color paper could be a perfect gift for someone who is just back from the hospital or had been down in health for a while. Bring a smile on their face by putting it selective chocolates "do not go for the rich ones" keep them simple yet exquisite. Your thoughtfulness will stay in their minds.

Winter Basket: If you are gifting someone a basket of chocolate for the winter, add some hot chocolate in the basket. Top it up with nice mugs (preferably chocolate colored) and some chocolate sprinklers. Adding some liqueur chocolate or some nice chocolate flavored cocktail drink could also be nice and innovative.

Children Basket: A chocolate basket as a gift for the children during the Easter or on their basket will always be in vogue! Chocolate syrup, chocolate jelly, chocolate bars, chocolate lollipops, chocolate gummy bear the choices are many. Add some nice DVD, if need be and may be some coloring books and rest assured that you have won over the little hearts.

Edible Basket: Edible fruit baskets are very popular these days. If you are planning to send one to a chocolate lover then get the fruits chocolate covered, add some chocolate truffles and some chocolate covered nuts. Some things never age and chocolate can never go out of fashion.

Whatever your budget might be, finding an appropriate basket of chocolate is never too far. From online stores to the local supermarket, you will find great baskets of chocolate pre-arranged and nicely decorated. If you want to add your personal touch then you can walk down to your local Macy's and create a gourmet basket of your own. Do not add chocolates that are easily perishable. If you must, then do remember to inform the receiver of the same.

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