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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company was founded in 1981 in St. Louis, Missouri. Our vision was simple, use the finest ingredients and produce in small batches at a time. Since the first store opened, visitors have been able to watch the chocolates being made through windows while shopping in our retail store. We then began many year round traditions such as the fresh chocolate covered strawberries by hand dipping them every morning. Our distinct recipe of our rich, creamy milk and dark chocolate has separated us from the rest of the industry. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company has become a tradition to St. Louis. Each store has a 25 foot candy counter with over 50 hand made chocolates to choose from along with an extensive boxed chocolates selection that is sure to satisfy everyone's taste buds. We also have nearly 500 chocolate molded novelties to choose from with custom molds available for corporate customers. We strive to bring you the highest grade of chocolates which is why our chocolate is "made with real cocoa beans."
After twenty years into business, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company began franchising our retail stores. The franchises were designed to represent our original St. Louis store. Each store makes their own chocolates on premises in their own candy kitchen ensuring freshness.
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company offers its complete product line of premium hand made chocolates on the website In 2006, became a fully functional eCommerce website, listing over 400 different chocolate products for sale all across America.

The website is divided into ten different product lines. They are boxed chocolates, premium truffles, hand made chocolates, sugar free chocolates, creamy fudge, chocolate molded novelties, signature items, seasonal specials, sampler packs of chocolate and individually wrapped chocolates called "yum yums." The company feels that there is something for everyone. There are not that many chocolate companies out there with such a large product line.

The boxed chocolates line is the most popular line for Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company. With 12 different varieties to choose from, there is something for every chocoholic. The hand made chocolates section has over 50 hand made milk and dark chocolates to choose from. The molded novelties page shows the large selection of 350 chocolate molded novelties ranging from chocolate aspirin to an 8 pound King Kong. People from all over America always comment on the large selection of chocolates available for purchase. Each piece of chocolate is hand made by the candy makers of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company and delivered fresh to your door via

The website,, also talks about the history of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company’s 26 years of business, shows store locations, provides information about corporate and wedding orders and provides "myths and facts" about chocolate. For example, there is evidence that disproves that chocolate does not cause cavities, acne, or have an excess amount of caffeine.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, founded in 1981, in St. Louis, Missouri is looking at new ways to expand their chain of chocolate stores. The company hopes that the internet will give them a larger nation wide presence as they begin to expand outward.

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