Chocolate Fountains for Females

Can you imagine a chocoholic's fantasy come true? A fountain of chocolate that you can dip marshmallows, strawberries, or even fingers into - What better way to satisfy the craving for chocolate that so many have?

A chocolate fountain can be a center-piece at a wedding reception or other party. Liquid chocolate in a never-ending flow that guests can see continuously moving exerts an irresistible pull on chocoholics. Watching chocoholics’ facial expressions at a chocolate fountain is fascinating. They almost drool, just at the sight!

The liquid chocolate spills over from a succession of stainless steel bowls, from top to bottom. Marshmallows, strawberries or other fruit is normally provided to dip into the chocolate stream. These can be messy to eat, but it's not going to bother a true chocolate addict.

You can rent or hire a large chocolate fountain for your party or reception from a large number of companies in most large cities. You may have to pay a transportation charge because the fountain can weigh up to 45 pounds. The fountain usually comes with chocolate, but may require you to provide the cream that is necessary to liquefy it.

You can buy a small chocolate fountain for use at home from many stores. Forget popcorn and barbecues, the only way to her heart is through chocolate! Keep one of these in a cupboard to bring out for romantic evenings, or just to give the woman you love a treat, especially useful at certain times of the month.

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