Chocolate The One & Healthful Way It Should Be

As an American favorite food, chocolate has been consumed, and quite voraciously so, for many years. The extremely sweet, rich and melted treat has been savored by those young, old and in between. Yet, the chocolate they've been eating for such a long time isn't really 'true' chocolate. What America loves, craves and knows as chocolate is that of the 'toyed' with variety, meaning that it is not pure and in it's raw form. The chocolate that is sold in grocery checkout lines and candy stores alike is all chock full of sugar and various other additives. But, true chocolate is actually rather bitter.

Chocolate In It's Raw & Organic Form

Specifically, raw chocolate comes from and is only applicable to cocoa seeds that have not been heated or processed to retain all of the nutrients found within them. Organic Chocolate is a bit different – here, chemicals are non-existent through the process of growing and producing the cacao plants. Wait, plants? As in chocolate plants? Well, not quite.

The treat we know as chocolate simply doesn't grown on trees. Actually, scratch that because, chocolate does, in a sense, but it's not known as chocolate right off the bat, at least. Chocolate has to come from something or somewhere, right?

Chocolate Comes From Plants, Not Chocolate Factories

Yes, it most certainly does and it's taken off a plant known as the cacao tree in the tiny form of a few cocoa seeds. These seeds are the true and raw forms of chocolate, as they are used to produce the chocolate we are so accustomed to presently.

Cocoa seeds in their own form are extremely similar to authentic dark chocolate. The taste of both is bitter and not at all overly sweet on the palate. It's a much less-refined and natural taste to experience. Yet, with this said, the same fact that you parents told you about when you were younger still stands true – the food that tastes a bit unpleasant or off to what you're used to is without a doubt extremely healthy for you.

All The Healthful Perks With Chocolate That Is True

Chocolate that is either in it's pure or raw form is undoubtedly chock full of healthful promise. Despite the bitter and natural taste, within pure, true chocolate you can find a substantial amount of nutritious items such as a wide-range of minerals, antioxidants, and other many healthful things, which is why actual chocolate is one of the most healthful foods you can eat.

With the chocolate we're used to – that colorfully packaged stuff that can be found in candy shops and grocers alike - what's added in is nothing but poor, unhealthful and rather ill-needed items. Add in the typical amounts of dairy, sugar, and various amounts of chemicals to chocolate and what happens is a natural blocking of all those good nutrient-rich and antioxidant qualities that raw, true chocolate possesses. The above additives are nothing but fillers thrown into a mixture with cocoa beans and they're nothing but unnecessary – all they do is make the chocolate you eat become unhealthy.

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So, why not opt for some true chocolate that is not what you're accustomed to? It be odd, at first, but with time you'll get used to the taste and you might even see some improvements in your health as well.