Chocolate Wedding Favors-Chocolate And Weddings Go Hand And Hand

Whether you are planning to take a gift to a wedding or whether you are wondering what to give away as a "thank you gift, a box of chocolates will win over many options hands down. Chocolates that most of us love, chocolates that most of us indulge in; yes, these little drops of heaven as they are famously called has always been topped the list when it comes to gifts. Considering that the scenario is that of a wedding, how you choose your box of chocolates deserves some thought.

Wedding favors can be a choice of simple yet elegant box of chocolates made by some famous name in confectioneries, say for example Godiva. It would have the traditional heart shaped chocolates representing the love and commitment that a marriage stands for. Chocolate truffles in nice colorful boxes, accentuated by soothing white or hot red ribbon would make for a perfect gift and can be tailored as per your budget.

Stars, hearts, small round balls or candy sticks, foil covered chocolates can be a great take away gift from a wedding. You can have theme based chocolates as well as per the wedding theme coins, playing cards and funny cars all can be done as per your wish. Some exquisite wedding chocolate shapes have actually stayed back with people as showpieces. It does not require a lavish budget to add chocolate to your wedding. Add your signature, decide the chocolate filling, get multi-colored foil covers and make a wonderful bouquet of treats.

Have your message engraved on the chocolate treats for your wedding. Yes! That's possible too. Personalized chocolates, your names, your wedding venue and the wedding date; all can be printed on chocolates and sent away along with wedding invitations. It is an interesting concept that is fast gaining popularity among the high-fliers. You can get wrapped chocolate bars with a special message molded on the chocolate bar. Same applies to candies as well; a basket of personalized candies.

Announce your wedding with aplomb. Get yourself a chocolate castle, a casino model made out of chocolate, a hot racing car or even a bride and a groom in chocolate. Go wild and get your dream fulfilled; marriages do happen once in most of our lives! Today you can order custom made chocolate shapes just as you can order wedding cakes. Do not hesitate to explore. There are a number of online stores that you can browse for ideas and you can even order. You can have a mini jungle or a surfing groom if you so desire to make the women swoon on your man; but yes just swoon. You can get such chocolates in great boxes; shaped like a bridal gown or a wedding cake or even a tuxedo; yes, I repeat run your imaginations wild and make it a day for many to remember for days to come.

Custom made chocolate cookies, hand painted chocolate truffles, white chocolate roses or a three-tier chocolate cake are some other chocolate themed wedding favors to consider.

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