Cocoa Farmers Go Straight to Chocolate Manufacturers

The chocolate industry is ever improving and developing. If before, middlemen are involved whenever a big chocolate company has to order tons of raw cocoa beans from farmers, now things are different.

The middlemen can now be eliminated from the equation and cocoa farmers could go straight to chocolate manufacturers and strike an agreement with them. And this development is actually a good thing – because the interests of both the parties involved are best served.

When chocolate manufacturers can confer directly to the farmers, they can provide the farmers with definite instructions as to how they want their cocoa beans produced. Cocoa beans are especially cultivated and fermented to meet the manufacturer's exacting standards. With the presence of a middleman, getting the right quality and aroma of beans can be a very difficult feat. Middlemen rarely know anything about cocoa or any other product they carry. This is another reason why direct communication with farmers is essential.

Cocoa farmers are doubly benefited if they have the means to negotiate straight with a chocolate manufacturer. This is because they can get premium prices for their products. Most cocoa bean farmers depend on their produce to earn a decent living. So when middlemen are eliminated from the equation, their products get the best possible rate in the market.

And when cocoa bean farmers and chocolate manufacturers bargain on a price, the result will always be a discount for the chocolate makers and a mark up for the cocoa bean farmers. This is the advantage best obtained when no middlemen are involved, as both industries are given premium rates for the products they need or provide.

However, rarely do cocoa bean farmers get the chance to discuss sales matters directly with the actual people who require their products. This is primarily due to topographical difference and language barriers. The finest cocoa beans in the world come from the Dominican Republic. However, the biggest market for such beans is the U.S. It is also in the U.S. where world-renowned chocolate makers are holding business.

The need for business expansion is very important to be able to link cocoa farmers and chocolate makers to one another. It is either the chocolate manufacturers open up an office in the Dominican Republic or the Dominican Republic farm owners send representatives to permanently work in U.S. soil.

It's a good thing that there are indeed several cocoa bean farms that had invested in opening up offices in the key cities of the U.S. to facilitate cocoa bean sales and distribution. Dealing with these types of companies is strongly advised because they can deliver exactly what you need. Furthermore, they also follow U.S. business codes and ethics, which is very important in the exportation business. By going straight to the U.S. office of your preferred Dominican Republic cocoa bean farm, then it is almost a guarantee that you'll get exactly what you paid for. And if in rare case you weren't pleased, their office is just within the city. You can always call them whenever you've got problems with the shipment.

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