Enjoying The Perfect Chocolate Brownie

The chocolate brownie is known worldwide as being one of the top treats humans enjoy. And it is no wonder, they are soft, chewy, and delicious, especially with a tall glass of cold milk. Kids and adults everywhere love these little treats. Many of us grew up with these in our lives, happily enjoying them several times a year. One of the best things about them was they did not seem to need a special holiday or occasion in order for them to be made. They were just there, it seemed like, and what a great treat they were.

For anyone a little older, you may recall that there was a time when the chocolate brownie was made almost exclusively at home. It was rare to actually eat a store-bought one. In many cases, baking was actually a family event where everyone got in on the action by doing something to help out. But times have changed, and many families simply do not have the time needed to use in baking anymore.

The Metropolitan Bakery is now offering its gourmet quality chocolate brownie to the general public. They can do this through their website, which is now open for business. Carmen Paponetti, owner and master baker, has spent many long hours honing his skills and developing some of the finest recipes available. His dedication to his craft shows in his work. The proof of his skill is in the taste of each and every item he sells. Nothing leaves his store without his seal of approval, and Carmen can be hard to please at times.

Besides the chocolate brownie, The Metropolitan Bakery also offers many other varieties that are also of gourmet quality. This quality is achieved through the use of only the best ingredients and the use of Ghirardelli chocolates. The flavor combinations they offer are exquisite!

Carmen is constantly working in the test kitchen to create new and even more exciting items, and while his store caters to the individual family, they are also well equipped to handle larger orders as well. Anyone tasked with providing treats for an office event or family reunion might do well to visit this website and let them do the work for you.

All items are shipped UPS and all items come with a "freshness" guarantee that assures you that your order will be as fresh and delicious when it arrives at your office or home as it was when it came out of the oven. They also provide a free tip sheet on how to keep your gourmet items once they arrive.

The website is located at http://www.metropolitanbrownie.com, and it is well worth the time spent visiting the site and browsing the numerous gourmet products offered. The Metropolitan Bakery also offer discounts on larger orders, and they are always happy to answer customer questions or comments.

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The Metropolitan Brownie is an online bakery that only makes brownies. We make chocolate brownie desserts very well and are continuing our success by expanding to a storefront.