Espress - Have You Tried Chocolate Covered Beans?

Do you really want to purchase wholesale chocolate beans for your beloved espresso machine? The Internet is the perfect place to obtain the best deals and the best quality products. However, you are not sure as to how to get those beans through a wholesaler and risk credit card details and identity. Everyone has read and heard about other people becoming victim to identity theft and finding their accounts completely cleaned out. This is a risk if you don’t understand how to go shopping online.

This should not be a disturbing experience, even if you choose to shop online through a wholesaler. Knowing the precautions from the start and how to use them is the best bet before using your credit card.

You should know exactly what you are getting. Some websites may claim to have the best espresso beans, covered in chocolate, but you should see a complete description and a clear picture. Look at all the fine print and any adjectives that indicate that the product to be sent may vary from what they are offering. Remember this timely saying: "If something sounds too good to be true…". If your potential beans’ price seems low, then you can guarantee the real quality may not be truly what you want.

Next you should be very cautious in how you purchase your potential items. What types of payments does the website accept and how are items shipped? No website should ask for your personal details - social security number, driver’s license details or banking information. Personal information should never be given out unnecessarily or in fact at all unless you are dealing with your bank or the government, whose sites are secure and people respect the laws.

Keep a detailed printed record of all your online transactions. This should include all shipping details and email correspondence sent or received. Record the website’s name, the exact description of the espresso beans, including the weight, and the date, price and time of your procurement. If the website scams you, you will have all the evidence, to take the matter further.

You can alleviate your concerns by looking for an 800-phone number and a business address. All respectable and honest sites will supply this, and they should be clearly listed, not difficult to find. This way you are able to purchase your orders by telephone. Better still, order a wholesaler’s catalogue and make sure your espresso maker doesn’t remain empty.

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