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How can chocolate benefit your health? Chocolate is, and has consistently been one of the most popular treats in the world over the past last few hundred years. The myth that surrounds chocolate is that if it tastes that good, then it must be bad for your health.
But the surprising reports from the medical community is that this decadent treat actually has a number of important health benefits, especially if you choose your chocolate intelligently.

Chocolate contains over 300 chemicals, and has been the topic of numerous studies by scientific organizations and educational institutions globally. Here is a quick overview of the results (we do not have any way to prove or disprove this information, so we present it to you for further consideration:

•Researchers indicate that cocoa improves cardiac health by actually lowering blood pressure.
•Similar studies further explain that "flavanoids" which are rich in chocolate and cocoa serve to increase blood flow so chocolate can obviously benefit through all of the positive effects of increased blood flow.
•Nitric Oxide is an important factor in increased blood flow and flavanoids are shown to increase the activity of nitric oxide.
•The smell of chocolate may increase theta brain waves resulting in relaxation by drinking a cup of hot chocolate before a meal you can reduce ones appetite
•The carbohydrates in chocolate raise the levels of serotonin in a person’s brain, which produce a feeling of well being.
•Mexican homeopathic healers use chocolate to treat insect bites and heal bronchitis.
•Men who eat chocolate can live several years longer than those that do not.
•Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine, which has been shown to be a mood enhancer.
•Chocolate contains antibacterial agents that fight tooth decay. However, it can be said that the sugar in milk chocolate does work against this benefit.
•Chocolate has not been proven to be addictive (you may get an argument or 2 from a chocoholic).
•Chocolate will not make you high. You would need to consume over 25 pounds at one sitting to see or feel any indication of "chocolate intoxication."
•Scientific studies have shown that chocolate is not a factor in getting acne.
•Chocolate can trigger headaches in individuals who suffer from migraines.
•Because animals can not digest the stimulant theobromine, which is present in chocolate, it is dangerous and can be fatal to animals. If your pet ingests chocolate and becomes ill, take it to the veterinarian immediately!
•Dark chocolate contains more cacao and less sugar than milk chocolate hence the logical health benefit of dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

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