Hershey Chocolate - The All American Treat

I've grown up around the famous Hershey chocolate because I live only thirty minutes away from Hershey, Pennsylvania. It is probably flowing through my veins because I've eaten so much of it. This company has created many different varieties of chocolate as the years have moved forward and continues to move. Some of these creations have been very delicious and others faded out in time. However, the traditional Hershey chocolate bars have forever remained constant. You simply cannot go wrong when taking a bite out of one of those chocolate bars.

If you are familiar with Hershey, then you probably know about Hershey Park. It is a large and adventurous amusement park that has tons of rides and shows. The best part of the amusement park is that it is attached to the world of Hershey chocolate. Visitors can learn about the history of Hershey and how it became so large and famous through a ride and tour inside the park. This ride is free, entertaining and educational. The best part is that an attendant is waiting to give you a sample of some sort of chocolate when you exit the ride and head back down the ramps to leave.

Visitors have to exit through the gift shop when they leave the park. Every sort of Hershey chocolate you can imagine can be found in this huge gift shop. The prices of these products are really not bad and you can get some wonderful gifts for people. If you are a chocolate lover, then you know that receiving Hershey chocolate as a gift is such a treat. My parents used to put chocolate bars in my stocking at Christmas when I was a child, making Christmas morning even more delightful. Chocolate is always a welcome gift even for people who live so close to Hershey.

Hershey chocolate is included in many dessert recipes. A recipe for dessert often calls for Hershey chocolate syrup or candy bars. You can't go wrong with using it because this chocolate has that unique and perfect taste that can perfect any recipe. You can use some brownie mixes have Hershey's syrup in the box, which is very convenient and helpful. Hershey chocolate has become so famous and reliable that large companies are pairing their products with Hershey.

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