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Are you a terrible cook? Would you rather grate your fingernails across a chalk board instead of grating cheese? Does your idea of cooking consist of opening up a package and heating it? Well then instant fondue is the product for you.

Instant fondue (also called Heat & Serve Fondue) comes in a vacuum sealed package of almost everything you'll need for a fondue dinner. Just open the package and place the contents in your fondue pot (or even on a regular pot on the store). Here's the tricky part, you will still have to stir it. But shortly after that you can enjoy some quick and delicious fondue.

You can get instant fondue at upscale supermarkets and grocery stores. If you have a hard time finding it, then order it from Ordering food over the internet, especially cheese might sound crazy but it's really no big deal. And since the package is all ready to travel, why not bring it on your next camping trip. Skip the S'mores and heat up some fondue over the campfire.

For the truly ambitious, you can add some seasonings to your instant fondue to jazz it up a little. Add garlic powder, nutmeg and white pepper to improve the flavor. Add a little at a time and taste it as you go. When it tastes good to you then stop. It's that easy. Of course you'll still have to cut up some bread to dip but you can even dip and entire loaf in the mixture if you are really anxious to try some fondue.

A company called Tiger makes something called Fondue Classic. It's basic Cheese Fondue made with Emmental, Gruyere, white wine, Kirsch brandy and special spices. There is also a variety called Swiss Fondue that you can try. But save room for dessert because there's plenty of instant chocolate fondue to try including rich swiss chocolate, Dark bitter choolate fondue Milk Caramel, Orange Dark chocolate and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate. Some of these can even be heated in a microwave.

If you love to spend time in the kitchen and enjoy grating cheese then try making you fondue from scratch. But if you just want to enjoy the fondue without all the prep, then try instant fondue.

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