Organic Chocolate - A Trip Along The Assembly Line

There is an intangible something about watching the creation of chocolate, from beginning with raw cocoa beans to the conclusion, delivering the finished product to the consumer that sets all my senses a-tingling. The smell wafting teasingly through the air, your mouth salivating at the very thought, the texture of the cocoa beans, even the sight and sound of the beans tumbling through the machinery, moving along the assembly line.

There are 16 steps in the manufacture of organic chocolate:
Buyers source the finest cocoa beans available on the world market.
The Destoner washes and scrubs the cocoa bean exterior, removing any detritus from the outer shell.
The Roaster’s function is to pre-roast, allowing the beans to become de-humidified.
The Winnower separates the bean husks from the nibs (small pointed parts).
A second Roaster develops the flavor of the nibs.
The Stone Mill crushes the nibs into paste.
The Ball Mill reduces the particle size of the cocoa solids in the just-created paste.
The Mixer adds sugar and/or milk powder.
The Finish Refiner reducers the particle size of the sugar.
The Conch has the important job of reducing acid through circulation and oxidation.
The chocolate moves to the Holding Tank, where it is given a chance to "rest."
The Tempering Machine causes a bond to be formed between the cocoa butter and cocoa solids.
Molds are filled with liquid chocolate by the Depositor.
The Cooling Tunnel allows the temperature of the chocolate to be monitored, and maintained, at proper levels.
The Packaging Department wraps the boxes of chocolate with meticulous attention to detail.
The chocolates are shipped to fine retail establishments.
It is a given that there is always room for chocolate. No room for argument!

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