Unique Gourmet Chocolate And Handpainted Cookies With Edible Ink

In our hectic lifestyles, online shopping has been a lifesaver. Do you want to give a special gift to friends, family, colleagues or guests? There are many occasions where gourmet chocolates and gourmet cookie bouquets fit the occasion perfectly. There are many websites that sell chocolates, but are they of good quality? Having gourmet chocolates made by an award-winning chocolatier is the way to go. You will always know the product will be of great quality In addition, ordering gourmet cookie bouquets that are uniquely hand painted with edible ink is one-of-a-kind gift. You just can’t go wrong sending an edible unique gift.

Planning weddings is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. All the little details are overwhelming. Finding the perfect wedding favor should not take up valuable time needed on other details. Shopping online is the most efficient way to shop. When the gourmet chocolates or truffles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as personalized, a bride/broom to be can be assured they will get just what they want. Ordering gourmet chocolate coins engraved with their initials on them and packaged in beautiful containers are sure to please both them and their guests. The taste of the chocolates or truffles is a great way to impress everyone.

Nothing is more special than the arrival of a new baby. It is a great time for joy and celebration. A gift of gourmet chocolates or gourmet cookie bouquets are a great congratulations. Gourmet chocolates come in a variety of sizes and shapes to celebrate the new bundle. There are gourmet chocolate lollies shaped like baby shoes, baby carriages, balloons, circus elephants. Proud parents can hand out gourmet chocolate coins with "It’s a Girl" or "It’s a Boy". Another option is for the proud parents to pass out "It’s a Girl" or "It’s a Boy" lollies.

Picking out birthday gifts can sometimes be difficult, especially when that someone special has everything. Gourmet chocolates or gourmet cookie bouquets are great gifts that everyone loves. The gift giver just can’t go wrong. Gourmet chocolate gifts in a variety of packaging is a fantastic choice. Unique gourmet cookie bouquets are handpainted with edible ink by artists.

Gourmet chocolates and gourmet cookie bouquets can be purchased online and carefully packaged for safe shipping, preserving their freshness. These items can be ordered for many other occasions such as Mother and Father’s Day, holidays, housewarming, realtor thank you, sports congratulations, corporate gifts or "just because".

Mary Denis is the owner of Splendidly Gourmet at www.splendidlygourmet.com that specializes in gourmet food gifts and favors. She sells only upscale gourmet foods that can’t be found in most retail outlets.

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Mary Denis is the owner of Splendidly Gourmet (http://www.splendidlygourmet.com). She was frustrated with the lack of time in buying gifts for friends, family and colleagues and finding good quality products in addition. She decided to start her own business selling upscale products that are unique, yet are of good quality.