Savor The Secrets Of Jamaican Jerk Sauce

Jamaican Jerk is a special jerk type cooking offered from Jamaica to the rest of the world. Jerk cooking is almost a 250 years old style of authentic Jamaican cooking. It was brought in slaves to Jamaica. Jamaican Jerk sauce is special for the fresh spices from Jamaica, which are world famous for its natural oil and aromatic contents and are low on cholesterol content compared to other spices. The combination of spices increases the appetite for Jerk food and the traditional way of serving calls for Jamaican festivals.

The Jamaican Jerk sauce should be refrigerated to get a long shelf life. To make it spicy, you may even add any hot pepper sauce of your choice. Jerk sauce is special for its blend of spices, which reflects the sweet, spicy, hot and charismatic lifestyle of Jamaica. The blend of spices gives the jerk sauce a very special pungent taste. Jerk food prepared from the sauce is healthy for weight watchers and is low on cholesterol.

Marinate and seasoning with Jerk sauce

You need to marinate the poultry overnight with Jerk sauce. The trick is to rub the seasoning well under the skin of the chicken and marinate it with the skin intact. While seasoning beef shoulders, always make shallow cuts and don't forget to rub your Jerk Sauce thoroughly on the fish steak.

Grilling and cooking

Grilling with jerk bar-b-q sauce will have to be done on the lowest heat till fully cooked. The grilling is done in a fire pit or a closed barbecue smoke pit for two hours. Another secret is to use Pimento branches with charcoal or an aromatic wood to get the true flavor.

If you are trying out Jerk at home, then keep in mind to refrigerate the marinated meat for at least 30 minutes before grilling. Another ‘know-how’ for creating lip smacking Jerk barbecue is to cook the barbecue over a very hot covered grill, using water-soaked mesquite chips on the coals. This would bring the authentic Jamaican flavor to your BBQ.

Jerk cooking is the authentic Jamaican way to cook pork, chicken, beef and seafood. Though the word ‘Jerk’ remains a mystery, the name works wonders. On weekend nights at Kingston, smoke can be seen like fog coming from the various Jerk stalls on the sidewalks. The stands do their bit to collect business but one must admit that the authentic flavor and aroma is still reserved with these Jerk cooking maestros

When you are in Jamaica do visit these sidewalk barbecue stalls and savor the Jamaican Jerk dishes and other Jamaican specialties like Ackee and salt fish, curry goat, Mackrel Rundown etc. These Jamaican stalls prepare Jerk food in the same process as the originator. The cozy atmosphere, warm and friendly service, authentic Jamaican cuisine and Reggae Music all under one roof will be an awesome experience.

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