Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Nearly every family in North America eats spaghetti, so it is not surprising at how many spaghetti sauce recipes there are out there. Some are a family secret that are handed down to new generations, while others are eagerly shared with friends and family members so that everyone has a chance to enjoy it. Did your mom have a favourite spaghetti sauce recipe? Perhaps you should ask her, if you remember enjoying it as a child.
Recipes for spaghetti sauces can be simplistic or difficult, depending on whether you want to make them from scratch or not. A real homemade spaghetti sauce starts with simple ingredients such as tomato paste, crushed tomatoes and spices. From there the cook can choose to add vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms and peppers as well as garlic and even some ground beef.
Some of the easiest spaghetti sauces around simply involve taking a jar or premade spaghetti sauce of any flavour and then adding your favourite ingredients to it. These ingredients can include herbs and spices, cooked meat, vegetables or other items that you enjoy with your spaghetti. Acceptable meats include ground beef, chicken or turkey, and if you are making an Alfredo sauce you can always saut some chicken or seafood to add on top of your creation.
What type of spaghetti sauce recipes you may like will depend on your taste. Some sauces are thick and smooth, while others are chunky and spicy. Personally, I can't stand chunks of tomato in my sauce, thanks to a childhood trauma, and I won't eat a sauce that has chunks. The less complicated the spaghetti sauce recipe is, the more I like it. On the other hand, if you love chucks of veggies in your sauce, you want to look for a recipe that calls for a lot of slicing and dicing of fresh veggies and spices.
Whether you are a seasoned chef or a beginner cook, spaghetti sauce is very simple to make. If you are the type of person who likes a tried and true recipe to follow then just hop onto a search engine and type in "spaghetti sauce recipe" then you will have your choice of great recipes to choose from. Over time as you become more comfortable with making spaghetti sauce you may decide to become more adventurous and start adding your own ingredients. Make sure you write it down so you have a family tradition to pass on!

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