Worlds Hottest Hot Sauce - Blairs 16 Million Reserve

Blair Lazar is the man responsible for one of the biggest culinary explosions ever with his creation of the hot sauce. It is an ultra-refined version of chili powder, which can easily satisfy all the masochistic heat-eaters. The sauce is a spicy mix of vinegar and chili pepper or extracts of chili.

Lazar's career as a hot sauce maker began in the most bizarre fashion. He introduced free chicken wings dipped in a yummy homemade hot sauce to drive away all the drunkards from his bar. And since then there was no looking back, he is presently the owner of the creator of sauces like "Mega Death", "Original Death", "Sudden Death", "After Death" and more.

His latest creation Blair's 16 Million Reserve is the hottest collection that only chemistry can create and is available for sale online at Believe it or not it is eighty times hotter than the Tabasco sauce and about thirty times than the Red Savina. Quoting Lazar, it would be best to say that a little taste of the sauce is a 'pure heat' experience.

Lazar's taste buds are almost immune to the heating sensation of his creations but he still remembers his first taste of the incredible '16 Million Reserve'. He declares that the pain was unbearable and in his words it was like the hammer was brutally hitting his tongue. More so his tongue had swelled up for days to come. If you might be wandering how the name for the above creation has derived then you must know that the inspiration came from pure capsaicin, which has a heat score of 16 million units.

Hot sauce '16 Million Reserve' requires 1-lb of capsaicin, which is obtained from several tons of fresh peppers. Lazar's creation "2am Reserve" at the beginning of his career was hotter than any other chili product available in the market. The other hot sauce that comes to mind is the "6am Reserve" even hotter with stronger chili extracts.

The hot sauce should not be used for flavors at any cost. They are well known for their heat value. Even the stupidest of all, would not dare to consume an entire bottle. Factually speaking, a single grain into a pan of tomato soup can spice up the taste to such an extent that you will die out of heat. The heat of the hot sauce is excruciatingly unbearable as most tasters suffer from constant perspiration and tears till half an hour. However, it must be borne in mind that this burning sensation is merely a chemical reaction with the body's neurological system and is inflicted by the capsaicin.

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