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Pizza is definitely the preferred dish in any party or celebration. To be honest, it's in every party's menu and in various types of spicy, tasty, hot vegetarian & non- vegetarian. There are different historical aspects on origin of this dish. However, the most notable one is that an Italian immigrant made it first in New York in 1905. Generally the fair story is that it was invented in Italy.

One such story of the origin of this dish is fascinating. It's told that while coming home from Palestine, the Roman soldiers had no option but to eat matzoh along with the Jews of Palestine. It's from this that the soldiers created a dish called Picea after returning to Italy. However, most ancient & primitive origin of this dish is not fixed. Some say that the ancient form of pizza is similar to the Focaccia which was eaten in Mediterranean border region such as Greek and Egypt.

An interesting tradition related to the origin of this delicious dish is that of Neapolitan people. This has it that the current pizza served with mozzarella Di Bufala and tomato, was first made in June 19, 1889 in the Naples region by Raffaele Esposito for Princess Margherita of Savoia. Another type i.e margarita, is believed to have been made first with basil, tomato and mozzarella for honoring the colors of the Italian flag.

Pizzeria is first believed to have been made in America in the beginning of 20th century, by Italian citizens. It was passionately adapted and today its in various types in America. A dish by the name Pissaladiere, invented by the French was also claimed to have been the origin of pizza but this didn't go down well with pizza consumers.

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