Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

Most of the time, homemade dish is always fresh, nutritious, healthy and much better than any hotel food. Like any other food, pizza too can be made at home and thus we need not spend time ordering or buying from shops or hotels. We can make one that is delicious and healthy in the comfort of our kitchen. You need not worry where to get pizza recipes as there are variety in the Internet.

Ingredients required for pizza dough will include; 180g of plain white flour, full table spoons of salt, dried yeast, olive oil, half table spoon of caster sugar, 120ml warm water and Polenta for dusting. On the other hand some of the cookware needed are; a spoon, rolling pan, sieve, rounded tray for baking the dough,two bowls and a cling film. The time required to make one is about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Now that we've gathered the cookware and ingredients that we require, the next step is cooking process. To begin with, mix some flour and sieve it as you put it in a bowl, add salt, yeast and caster sugar. Create a whole in the center, add a mixture of olive oil and warm water, then merge the mixture with hands to make an uneven paste.

Put the dough into a fat bowl and cover it with stick film for about 2 hours, uncover it when the dough size increases and shake over some flour on it. Roll the dough on a smooth plane and keep dusting with flour when turning. Add some flour on the base of the baking tray and move the dough over the tray. Press it from the outer side for rolling. With this few steps you've a delicious baked pizza.

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