Ideas For Trendy & Healthier Pizza Alternatives

The infamous pizza pie continues to be one of the most beloved foods in the world, especially in the United States. As the baby boomer generation continues to dictate a wide variety of trends inside and outside of the food and beverage sectors, new and alternative ideas are beginning to emerge to move pizza closer to healthier and more exciting recipes that this sector of society craves.

The way pizza is served, cooked and eaten is also evolving. Many people are experimenting with new ways of enjoying their favorite pizza pies without the gluten content found in traditional pizza crusts. Some examples of these types of gluten free products include tapioca flour, corn flour, white rice flour and corn meal.

Some pioneer pizza makers are blending these types of ingredients into traditional flour mixes to reduce gluten content in hopes of increasing the possibility of creating healthier pies. Some are even developing innovative means to use only these ingredients as they recreate their favorite pizza creations.

Here's a few characteristics about some of the healthier ingredients that are emerging for pizza lovers:

Tapioca Flour - This is a gluten free, light, white and very smooth flour that originates from the cassava root. It tends to give baked good a chewy taste. Use it in recipes where a "chewy texture is desirable. Many times tapioca flour can be blended well with cornstarch or soy flour. Tapioca flour can be purchased from many health food stores.

Corn Flour - This type of flour is milled from corn and can be easily blended with cornmeal for a more cornbread or muffin type of taste and texture. some have had success using a derivative of this blend for deep dish and chicago style pizza pies.

White Rice Flour - This type of flour is great flour for gluten-free baking. It originates from polished white rice. It does have somewhat of a bland flavor so it's usually best when blended with other types of flour. It bakes well but doesn't impart much flavor. White rice flour is usually available in most health food stores and Asian markets. When using this type of flour for your pizza creations I suggest using "fine textured white rice flour".

If you're ready to try a few alternative ingredients for your favorite pizza creations, try using your favorite recipes and substituting some of the healthier ingredients for different tastes and textures. Augment your new creations with healthier toppings like unique blends of veggies and meats.

Approaching your pizza making activities in this manner will yield some delightful results. The difference in taste is often quite minimal. If all else fails simply try purchasing a gluten-free flour mixture from your favorite health store. This helps to avoid the guesswork involved when substituting traditional ingredients.

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