Making Traditional Italian Pizza

Do you simply love traditional Italian pizza? Does it make your mouth water every time you see it served on a plate? How about doing it at your home? Making traditional Italian pizza is simple. Just getting the right ingredients and cook it very well, your pizza is good to go.

To begin your new hobby of making traditional Italian pizza, you can either buy or make your own pizza dough. If you decide to make your own two twelve inch pizza dough, you will need two and one-fourth teaspoons of active dry yeast, one and one-third cups of water, two tablespoons of olive oil, three and a half cups of all purpose flour, and a pinch of salt. Start by getting a large mixing bowl to pour the water into and dissolve the yeast in it for five minutes. After which, you can then add the other ingredients and mix them all either by hand or a mixer. When the ingredients are completely blended, you need to hand-knead the dough for about ten minutes until you would notice that it is already smooth and elastic. Get another bowl and coat it with olive oil and turn the dough in it, which you need to cover and place in a warm place for about an hour to give time for it to rise until it reaches about double of its original volume. After that, it is now ready for baking.

After creating your dough masterpiece, you still need to decide on a lot of things since making traditional Italian pizza has a lot of varied pizza toppings you can choose from. First one on the list is the Pizza Margherita which was created to honour the Queen. To make this pizza that can satisfy the taste of royalties, you need to have a half cup of tomato sauce. You can either buy this in a sachet or if not, just use the chopped canned tomatoes. Another ingredient you need would be a quarter pound of shredded mozzarella cheese and about three to four fresh basil leaves. All you need to do is spread the sauce on top of your dough and top it off with some sprinkles of mozzarella, and drizzle it with some drops of olive oil, and finalize it with the addition of the basil. Bake it and taste the flavour fit for Queens!

On your next session on making traditional Italian pizza, try other recipes such as the Pizza Marinara and La Napoletana. Invite your friends and enjoy a sumptuous meal of your favourite Italian Pizza masterpiece!

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