New York City Italian Restaurants And Pizza Delivery

There is always something about Italian food that makes it a complete dining experience wherever you are in the world. Beyond Italian pasta and pizza, Italian food has proven itself to be a universal language of food because in just about every corner of the world, there is that quaint little Italian restaurant that adds life to the community’s local cuisine. The love for Italian food simply transcends race, nation and borders.

More than a hundred years ago, immigrants from the culturally rich country of Italy came to the shores of America in search of better opportunities. They brought with them traditional family recipes from generations past, and cooked their way to many homes and restaurants in the country, slowly creating a niche for Italian cuisine among the populace.

It was not long before the first Italian restaurant was established in New York in the year 1906. Owned by Sebastiano Maioglio, the Barbetto is an important historical landmark in New York because it is the first and oldest Italian restaurant in New York. It was the first restaurant officially declared as a Historic Establishment in America. It is still owned today by the Maioglio family, particularly his daughter Laura Maioglio.

Today, New York city has been host to the world’s most number of various Italian restaurants. Italian pizza was undoubtedly the precursor to the evolving Italian cuisine in New York City, but there is more to it.

Among these are the Sicilian’s own version of their pizza, and the chickpea-fritter sandwich that is one of the usual fare in most Italian restaurants. There’s the famed vintage Italian wine bars that serves as a welcome alternative to other pricier joints. More Italian delicacies found its way to New York with the trattoria, which came from various parts in and around Italy. And of course, who would ever forget Italian spaghetti? And of course, the ultimate dining experience is not complete without tasting yet-another Italian-born specialty, the great wines of Piemonte.

Italian food offers one of the more diverse cuisines, so it is no wonder why new Italian restaurants keep sprouting up all over the city. A quick look of local menus would show that a plethora of fine Italian food from the Italian region and its adjacent places. One would find culinary delights that are as varied as alla parmigiana, lemon fried chicken, spare ribs, salmon crudi, and other Italian fare. New York probably has the most concentration of Italian restaurants in the country. Here are some of them:

1.Tao on 58th Street;
2.Casa La Femme North in First Avenue at 59th Street.
3.Gascogne on 8th Avenue;
4.Babbo in 10 Waverly Pl., New York
5.Olives in Park Avenue, South
6.Poetessa on the Second Avenue
7.Blue Water Grill on Union Square West
8.Khyber Pass 34 Saint Mark’s Place
9.Dos Caminos in Park Avenue South
10.Serafina, on 393 Lafayette Street

A day’s stay or more in New York will not be complete without exploring its amazing Italian restaurant scene. So whenever you are in the city, be sure to have a healthy appetite, make room for food trips, and a good dining information guide.

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