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There is something special about Italian restaurant that makes it a complete for takeout food anyplace you are in the world. Other than Italian calzones and pizza, Italian cooking has demonstrated itself to be a universal language of food because in just about every major street Intersection of the globe, there is that trendsetting little Italian restaurant that adds zing to the neighborhood's local cuisine. The love for Italian food simply exceeds race, nation and borders.

More than a hundred years ago, people from the culinary rich rural area of Italy came to the shores of America in search of better life. Some of them Settled in Beekman . They brought with them conventional family recipes from their families, and cooked their way on to many institutions and restaurants in the country, eventually making a niche for Italian cooking among the public.

Not too much time passed before the first Italian restaurant was incorporated in New York in the year 1906. Owned and operated by Sebastiano Maioglio, the Barbetto is an outstanding historical landmark in New York since it is the first and well regarded Italian restaurant in New York. It was the first restaurant officially proclaimed as a historic restaurant in America. It is still closely-held today by the Maioglio family, in particular his girl Laura Maioglio.

Now, New York City has been center of the world’s biggest number of famous Italian restaurants. Italian pizza was undoubtedly the precursor to the growing Italian cooking in New York City, but there is more to it.
Among these are lasagna, and the eggplant ptarmigan that is one of the customary fare in virtually all Italian restaurants. There’s the legendary vintage Italian wine bars that functions as a welcome option to other pricier joints. More Italian found its way to New York with the trattoria, which came from several parts in and around Italy. And naturally, who would ever forget Italian spaghetti? And of course, the ultimate dining experience is not complete without savoring yet another Italian-born in particular, the fantastic wines of Italy.

Italian food provides one of the more divergent cuisines, so it is no wonder why different Italian restaurants keep sprouting up all over the city especially in Beekman . A speedy investigation of local menus would show that a plethora of fine Italian food from the Italian region and its adjacent places. One would find culinary delights are as diverged as penna alla vodka, linguini, chicken cacciatore, salmon crudi, and other Italian dishes. New York probably has the most number of Italian restaurants in the America.
A day’s stay or more in New York will not be perfect without sampling its staggering Italian restaurant scene. So when you are in New York be sure to have a healthy appetite, make room for food sampling tours, and a good restaurant guide.

These are some of most talkd about Italian restaurants in Beekman and close by.

You can come across Numero 28 in the Village. This pizza is the real deal. You feel like being in Napoli. The mood was very informal and relaxed.

San Domenico is one in a million. Marisa and her amazing help are constantly making sure that every client feel like they are the most important people there, they never stop planning and know faithfully how to make you feel wonderful Tony & Odette (his award winning chef of over 10 years) travel Italy more than a few times a year scouting out the best dishes, sauces and ingredients to then come back to NY and make a dish fit for the Cesar .

PT Restaurant is located in Brooklyn. Besides all this amazing atmosphere the food is absolutely fantastic, straightforward and well balanced. Details are really important for the management and any place you look you will notice something wonderfully attractive and beautiful.

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