A Short History of the Lollipop

The first lollipops are thought to have been invented during the Civil War. They where just hard candy on the tips of pencils for children to nibble on. Others believe some version of the lollipop has been around since the 1800's.

In 1908, George Smith claimed to be the first to invent the modern style lollipop. He used the idea of putting lollipops on a stick to make them easier to eat! He actually named the treats after his favorite racing horse, Lolly Pop! The treats where extremely popular until the depression hit.

Later the first lollipop machine was invented by Racine Confectioners Machinery Company. It could make approximately 40 lollipops per minute. Though some debate this fact and claim that a man names Samuel Born was the first person to automate the lollipop making process. In 1916 Samuel Born invented the Born Sucker machine. This machine could automatically insert the stick into the candy. He was subsequently honored by the City of San Francisco and given the keys to the city for his revolutionary invention.

Over time the process of lollipop making has evolved considerably. Todays machines can make more than 5,900 lollipops per minute! The look and feel of the
lollipop has changed as well. Some now come on a ring or have a sweet bubble gum or chocolate center. Some spin, glow or even light up!! Traditional or novel the lollipop is still enjoyed by children and adults all over the world!

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