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White, creamy, cooling, and a bit acid in taste, yogurt is known for its benefits for the human body and immune system. Yogurt has been discovered by accident back in ancient times and the characteristics that distinguish it among many other dairy products are two microorganisms that break down lactose, known as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These two "friendly" enzymes that belong to the category of lactic acid bacteria are included in yogurt and have a beneficiary effect to human intestines.

It is widely known that doctors support the consumption of yogurt when someone receives any type of antibiotic treatment. Since antibiotics destroy the physical balance of the human intestines and also some types of foods that contain the candida type of enzymes, have negative effects, such as swelling or feeling gassed, the human organism needs to restore its natural balance through foods like yogurt. Specifically, yogurt helps the intestine reestablish its natural balance as it provides it with the necessary microorganisms for its functions.

In order to increase your chances of eating a cup of yogurt that is good for your health, you have to ensure that its appearance is white, smooth and bright, and does not appear to have any type of pores. Moreover it has to have an acescent taste and a characteristic pleasant aroma. Additionally, dieticians advise that one should avoid eating yogurt that has added color substances, gelatin, sugar or preservatives. Always check the expiration date before buying a yogurt cup and in case its taste feels more acid than usual, or you can observe any kind of discoloration or other denaturizing, dispose it immediately. The good thing about a yogurt that has gone bad is that it one can easily see the changes on its surface and these symptoms can be spotted without the use of any scientific testing tools.

Experts' advice is to eat yogurt without adding sugar or any other type of chemical substances or perform complicated recipes before consuming it. Its natural benefits can only reach your organs if they are consumed without performing any alterations. Enjoy yogurt with fruits or cereals and add some extra cinnamon; it is a delicious and healthy treat.

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