Eat Fast, Eat Healthy With Low Carb Fast Food

Low carb fast food lets people on low carb diets enjoy eating out without worrying about consuming too many carbohydrates. Options range from foods that are simply low in carbohydrates to begin with, to foods that are specially created with small amounts carbohydrates in mind.

One example of low carb fast food comes from Subway. For years, Subway has marketed itself as a health-oriented fast food restaurant, and its new low carb wraps continue that trend. In December 2003, Subway reached a licensing agreement with Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., allowing Subway to offer Atkins-friendly wraps in stores nationwide.

Special wheat and soy grains are used to make the new low carb wraps, which are high in fiber and protein. Additionally, the new wraps contain approximately two-thirds less carbohydrates than Subway’s regular 6-inch sub sandwiches, and they will cost customers about 50 cents more.

There are currently two low carb wraps at Subway right now, and the number of carbs varies from source to source. The first is the chicken bacon ranch, with approximately eight grams of net carbs. There is also the turkey and bacon melt. This has a bit more net carbohydrates. There are about 10 net carbs in the turkey bacon melt, but it’s still low enough to easily fit into your low carb diet.

In addition to the low carb wraps, many of the nation’s biggest burger joints are getting on the low carb fast food craze with their own low carb options. Some of the options are new menu items, while others are modified items already on the menu.

One of the best ways to modify menu items is to lose the unnecessary condiments. Many people do not realize the high amounts of fat and calories in mayonnaise, dressings and other sauces. Even ketchup, which is relatively high in sugar, should be minimized or cut out entirely to eliminate those empty carbohydrates.

Burger King will also expand its menu with low carb fast food items aimed at those on the infamous Atkins’ and other low carb diets. The menu changes are similar to those made by McDonald’s. One of the more significant changes is the inclusion of meal-sized salads, which tend to be much lower in carbohydrates and much healthier altogether than traditional fast food items.

Burger King also markets its Whopper as a low carb option when ordered without the bun, which is something that has become quite popular. Fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. offer bunless burgers. These burgers are served either as a platter with a fork and knife or with large leaves of lettuce in place of the bun.

Along with modifying existing menu items and creating new ones, fast food restaurants are beginning to offer more nutritional information about their foods. Restaurants are also considering putting some information right on the menus. The more information that is made available, the better educated consumers can be in making dietary choices. With these new menu items and more information at their fingertips, dieters can turn greasy, fatty fast food into healthy, low carb fast food.

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