Eight Ways Candy Canes Can Brighten Your Office Or Home

When the candy canes appear, the holidays must be near. There was only one standard candy cane a few decades ago. People looked forward to these minty red and white striped confections.

Candy canes were also used to decorate Christmas trees, and eaten after the presents were opened on December 25th. Today, the candy cane's uses go far beyond just a snack - it has become an important decorating item - and can be used to decorate much more than the Christmas tree. Provided below, you will find a list of what we have found to be some of the best decorating ideas utilizing candy canes.

1. Candy Cane Wreaths

Place a candy cane wreath on your office door or your front door, departing from the much used green boughs and red ribbons. For this usage, smaller candy canes will work better since you can more easily join them and create a tightly bunched circle.

2. Centerpieces

Employ the candy canes as a centerpiece decoration. Put some candy canes in a nice decorative jar and use it as a centerpiece. Since some will likely be taken, make sure you have more than you need!

3. Reindeer

Fill up with candy canes. Candy canes can be turned into reindeer by adding some glue, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and felt- and you can place them everywhere!

4. Tree Garland

Use candy canes in making a garland for your tree. Don't limit your candy cane tree decorations to just hanging them from the branches. You can make a great tree garland using some ribbon and a few dozen candy canes.

5. "Santa's sleigh"

Candy canes are the perfect shape for the runners on a gingerbread version of Santa's sleigh.

6. Aisle Markers

Candy canes vary not only by flavor, but also by size! Larger ones can flank an entrance or outside path.

7. Gingerbread Village

Build your gingerbread village using candy canes. Candy canes make the best lamp posts, fences, trees and road borders, and lots of different things, when used in a gingerbread village.

8. Welcome Bowl

Use a bowl of small candy canes to welcome people at work. The bowl aids in establishing the spirit of giving and everyone loves the taste of the candy cane.

This list just barely touches base with all the uses of candy canes. You are sure to find that candy canes are a huge part of decorating for the holidays.

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