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People have many reasons for wanting to make their own homemade ice cream. It has been done in one form or another for centuries. For many it has become a fun family event to gather the ingredients and congregate on the back porch or in the kitchen to churn up a batch of an original ice cream recipe. Some of us older ice cream lovers cannot help but remember good times with grandparents making ice cream with the old, hand cranked churn and we want to build similar memories with our kids (and grandkids someday).

To make these memories become a reality for your family, you’ll need to purchase an ice cream maker for your home. You’re choices are pretty broad. You can get an old fashioned churn that you can work on the porch with family members taking turns working the crank and mixing the ingredients with the ice to make great ice cream. These old fashioned models will definitely take you back to another time in history and an antique ice cream maker can really make the experience authentic.

On the other hand there are modern ice cream makers that are nothing like the old fashioned kind. There are electric models that are fully automated and they look and function like any other kitchen appliance. You still gather up your ingredients but instead of hand cranking the churn, the device does all the hard work. The gentle whirring sound will let you know your ice cream is being churned. While some of the ambiance of the hand crank is lost you can make a lot more ice cream with a lot less effort.

There are some real advantages to going with the electric ice cream maker. The churning action is continuous and consistent while it is being done automatically by the machine. Because of this the ice cream is made more quickly and efficiently with much less tedium. The machine times the churning and knows when to stop because it can gauge when the ice cream has set up in the interior chamber. With this kind of efficiency you can do much more experimentation of different ingredients and recipes. Everyone in your family can dream up a recipe and try it out. You can whip up several batches of different flavored ice cream very quickly. That way you can satisfy the cravings of everyone in your family or all the guests at your party or barbecue.

Just because you choose an electric ice cream maker that automates the churning doesn’t mean you have to give up the atmosphere and family fun of making your own ice cream. The electric model just takes the dreaded constant churning out of the equation; no body really looked forward to that part anyway. You can spend more time forming your own recipes and ingredients and of course more time sampling your delicious creations. So by combining the best new technology with the old fashioned family fun of making homemade ice cream, you get the best of both worlds.

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