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Although overweight has many different causes, one thing that certainly doesn't help is junk food. It's not that junk food is a bad thing of itself, it's just that a lot of people, especially children, eat it regularly.

The main problem isn't even so much the junk food itself, but the lack of time for food preparation that sees stressed parents picking up or ordering in, instead of cooking. But as Jamie Oliver says, there is really no faster "fast food" than home-prepared food, because it takes longer to go and get or wait for purchased meals than it does to throw something exciting together in your own kitchen.

It's not just that home-cooked meals are faster than buying junk food, it's that the savings on food bills are extraordinary. Consistently cooking at home can save thousands of dollars every year. In addition, healthy fast cooking gives parents and children the nutrition they need to succeed at school, at sport, at work, and in life generally.

So home-prepared food wins on taste, cost, and nutrition. It's superior to junk food every possible way you could look at it. But you do need to know how to plan and prepare it.

From small beginnings, a new Australian web site hopes to help parents world wide to gain confidence preparing fast food at home by starting a "fast food bank" where people can freely upload their own favourite healthy fast food recipes and share others.

The very first recipe is called "Tabouleh Wrap with Eastern Turkey" and it packs a terrific flavour punch that the fussiest eater would love. At just 15 minutes from start to first mouthful, it's a more nutritious alternative to junk that would cost twice as much!

As one of the projects of the globally-run Kind Communities Initiative, is entirely free of charge. The aim is to fight back against disease and depression, by giving families the resources they need to live healthier, happier, and more satisfying lives.

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