Finally, A Diet Friendly Junk Food

Despite all of the warning signs and media reports about teen and adult obesity, we generally continue to eat poorly. For example, as of June 30, 2008, McDonald's earned $6 Billion. That's a lot of Big Macs! And while many people can claim to have adopted a healthy eating policy at home, very few of us can honestly say that we never, or very rarely (once every 6 months) eat at the Golden Arches.
I believe I have a healthy diet. Still, I treat myself to one day per week to an indulgence. This not only keeps me sane, but it helps keep my diet on track too. During these indulgences, I kick my healthy eating policy and drag myself through the Golden Arches and order my favorite - a Big Mac Combo!
Now, one Big Mac combo per month (or even per week) will not ruin anyone's weight. But where we run into problems - or where I in particular run into problems, is when I need my fix mid-week, when my healthy eating routine falls by the wayside. Because what really happens is that I might visit McDonald's the first day, but this sets in motion a terrible cycle. After that first Big Mac, I will move on to things I really enjoy. Sweet things like cookies, chilled and whipped coffees, and so on. After a few days of this terrible eating, I lose my energy and drive to work out. A few weeks later, I'm up five to ten pounds.
The worst part? The hard work of the past three, four, five, six months disappears. All because I had a cookie that threw my focus off.
Knowing that my food addiction leads me to sugar-high products, I discovered an alternative to my frustrating habit of falling off the wagon and ruining my healthy eating routine (and lets face it, healthy eating really is a routine, just like the strength training and cardio). The solution? Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet.
That's right, a COOKIE diet! Now, I wouldn't get carried away and suggest that you should sign up to weight with these little treats. To me, that makes as much as sense as losing weight by fasting. But for someone like me, someone who prefers to work out, to build muscle mass, to eat a balanced protein and carb diet to lose weight, well the cookie diet helps for those weak moments. Instead of turning to high-sugar, iced coffees or high fat double-fudge chocolate cookies, Dr. Siegal's helps me through a rough week.
The nice benefit to the Dr. Siegal's Cookies is that they contain a decent protein count whereas my "regular" cookies barely have any. Plus, they fill me up, so I don't have the equivalent of a bag to feel satisfied.
My recommendation, then, is not to order a full-year's supply. And don't replace your protein-carb-veggie diet with Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet. Instead, build yourself a reasonable stock for those times when you fall of the healthy eating wagon. They are much better and healthier than a Big Mac or bag of Oreos.

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