Frozen Yogurt Flavours

One of the many things you should know when considering creating frozen yogurt desserts and treats for the enjoyment of people is to take very good note of the various flavors that do and do not work for frozen yogurt. That is to say, when choosing frozen yogurt flavors to serve, it would probably be best to go with the classically-accepted frozen yogurt flavors that tend to work with the slightly tangier flavor of the yogurt (even though frozen yogurt has sweet varieties). That being said, the first yogurt flavor you should even consider is the plain flavor, generally offset by fruit toppings of the berry or tropical fruit variety. From there, you can experiment with fruit syrup flavorings before moving on to frozen yogurt flavors that are more complex – such as the standard ice cream flavors of chocolate and vanilla.

Keep in mind that frozen yogurt flavors depend on the portions of yogurt and flavor. You don’t want the yogurt to overwhelm the flavoring, but you don’t want your frozen yogurt to be more flavoring than what’s healthy for you (the point of having frozen yogurt, is, after all, the health factor). We will soon be putting up the basic frozen yogurt flavors – and how to manage them – on this section of the site. Be sure to check them out, as well as the special frozen yogurt flavors we will be featuring every other month.

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