Gelato or Ice Cream?

When deciding on whether to open an ice cream shop or a gelato shop it is
important to note there are fundamental differences between the two. There
are pros and cons to each. Our consultants help you determine which is
better for you depending on the area you live in. For long term success we
recommend gelato shops over ice cream shops.

Gelato is loved by children and adults alike. Its smooth texture and intense
flavor make it the perfect dessert or special treat.

Gelato is much lower in fat and carbohydrates than ice cream which makes it a
great option if you plan to open your business in an area with a high
concentration of health conscious people. The recent trend in the U.S.
market is towards healthier alternatives to high fat, high carbohydrate
foods. Restaurants are being forced to change their menus and offer lower fat

Gelato will quickly start replacing ice cream as more consumers become aware
of this healthier and tastier choice.

Many gelato producers are pointing to recent studies that show the body is
better able to metabolize gelato as compared to ice cream. Healthy and
delicious make the centuries old pleasure of gelato the wave of the future in
the United States.

Gelato is generally sold at a higher price than most ice cream. A gelato shop
should be located in a middle class or upscale area, whereas an ice cream
shop can succeed in areas with lower incomes.

Ice cream is more widely consumed in the United States. The primary reason
for the larger consumption is the greater availability of ice cream.
Demographics play heavily into whether a gelato shop or an ice cream shop
would succeed in a particular area. Our consultants work closely with you to
help you make the right decision.

It is strongly recommended that you make your own gelato or ice cream in
house. Gelato shops and ice cream shops that buy their products from outside
vendors will lose nearly 90% of their revenue to operation costs and product
acquisition. It is generally much more economic to make your products in
house and not as difficult as you may think. Ian Skawisnki of Gelato Pro
Consulting can help you produce wonderful gelato or ice cream.

Choosing whether to open a gelato shop or an ice cream shop is an important
decision. Gelato Pro Consulting can help you make the right choice.

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