Healthy Snacks to Keep Flab at Bay

When the rumbling racket in your belly reaches a crescendo, do you reach for chips and soda, or fruit and water? You probably reach for whatever is in sight, and if you are on the go like most Americans these days, snacks and even meals end up being whatever you can get your hands on at the convenience store or drive-thru window. Unfortunately for your body, these high-fat and low-nutritive choices make up the bulk of what we consume, resulting in a host of problems, ranging from excess weight to depleted energy. Stores don't make it easy for us, either, since the junk food items are right there on every end-cap and at the cash register, too. Nonetheless, it is our choice to consume junk food over healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks require a bit of planning on your part to help you stave off the inevitable late afternoon yearning for chocolate and a can of Coke. The first and most obvious reason to choose healthy snacks is to watch your fat and caloric intake. Take some time to stock up on better choices, like bottled water, apples, oranges, and raisins. Choose foods that can be left in your desk at work, so that every time you need a pick me up, there is a buffet of healthy snacks at your desk. If fruits aren't your thing, try healthier versions of your favorites; instead of chips, pick up small bags of the baked chips. Unsalted and unbuttered popcorn is another filler that is low in calories and fat. If the thought of giving up your soda is like being told you can no longer live, at least try to substitute it with a diet or low-calorie version.

To minimize the chances that you will reach for an unhealthy and fat laden snack, prepare yourself by stocking up on healthy snacks. In addition to feeling better about your choices, you will be eliminating the mindless snacking that pours on the pounds, and you will find that your energy probably increases, too. With healthy snacks, you will see your energy increases as well, since fatty, sugary snacks can cause a spike in sugar that gives you a rush, which is then followed by a rapid depletion in energy. So to avoid the rising and crashing sugars, the excessive pounds, and the guilt of having made a bad choice, turn instead to healthy snacks.


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