Heavenly Ice Cream

I live in the desert. Yep, just about every evening during the summer I have an ice cream cone. My body's preference is not the rich and creamy. You know the ones that are the same price for half the weight. Nope, those leave me feeling sick to my stomach ~ too rich.

So on one of my visits to the grocery store, while perusing the ice cream section for sale opportunities, my eyes fell upon a brand I never noticed before. The name on the package was Tampico. The only familiar flavor was vanilla. There are two things I consider when buying ice cream ~ price and packaging. Since I generally have a cone I prefer the rectangular tubs for ease of scooping and I won't pay ice cream parlor prices. Tampico fit this bill and I figured what the heck. The worst case scenario would be "just" pleasure.

Out of the store I go, Tampico vanilla in hand, and raced home before the 100+ degrees melted my purchase. That evening I scooped up my favorite last food item for the day and headed for the bunk. My ritual is to have my cone in bed. So I did.

While propped up in bed I took my first lick. OMG this ice cream tasted heavenly. Something was noticeably different. Course I didn't get up to discover that. Instead I waited until morning and snagged the Tampico jug out of the freezer to study the ingredients.

My taste buds were dancing to brown sugar [& only 140 cal/serve!] ~ I am sold on Tampico.

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