How To Get Nutritious Fast Food

Ok, a meat slicer is not the most thrilling subject to write an article on but you would be surprised how important they are to people! We certainly take it for granted that we can reach into the fridge and pull out a few conveniently sliced pieces of meat for a sandwich or quick lunch.

Imagine the alternative! Even if the meat is already cooked, you would need to take out a whole joint from the fridge and try and hack at it with your own carving knife! Granted, you would get a chunkier sandwich but how far would a joint go? Add to that the fact that meat is not the cheapest option these days and you have yourself an even more expensive shopping list.

Therefore, we have the option of meat, processed through a meat slicer, packaged into neat little sandwich size parcels ready for us to slap between two bits of bread and go. Fast food has never been so nutritious!

So, for those needing to grab food on the go, and that covers just about all of us these days, meat slicers are a godsend. For others, they may not be such fans!

There are numerous accounts of people who have lost digits to meat slicers. Of course, health and safety warnings now accompany meat slicers, things like do not operate machinery while fingers are inside and do not operate machinery whilst intoxicated - you know, those blindingly obvious things that you don't really need telling but obviously someone has tried it before.

There is also a lower age limit on using a meat slicer. Because given a choice between a plastic ride on Thomas the Tank Engine and a meat slicer capable of cutting through bone, kids will always pick the meat slicer. Then there are those young people looking to work in the meat industry at the age of sixteen or seventeen when they leave school.

You cannot operate this machinery before you're eighteenth birthday - like it won't cut you after that time?! And what about an upper age limit? I mean, is it really sensible to have an ancient man who can't see properly, or who has the shakes, operating a meat slicer capable of removing body parts in one swift motion. However, were you Sweeney Todd I'm sure you could find good use for a meat slicer!

So, yes, there are people who are not big fans of meat slicers! But in the main, they are a good thing. We get easier snacks and meals and more value for money when we are grocery shopping.

Then there are the butchers who have them in their shops. They get to set the thickness of the meat slices so you could find yourself with wafer thin snacks or nice chunky ones. They can alter the price for this in one shop or they can simply pick one size and price and stick to it regardless. This is where we get to choose when we shop around who has the chunkiest slices - it's all about freedom of choice.

So, there you have it. Butchers love meat slicers. Consumers like them because they make things easy yet some people have a realistic fear of losing body parts to them. All this just when you thought it was a boring subject!

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