Ice Cream Makers

Nothing makes a hot summer day complete like a big bowl of homemade ice cream.

To kids of all ages, ice cream is pure, sweet joy on a sultry summer day. You can go to the corner store or run to meet the ice cream truck, and you can choose from all sorts of frozen novelties and concoctions, but nothing beats the delicious flavor of homemade ice cream.

A home ice cream maker creates delicious ice cream at the touch of a button, using simple ingredients like milk, cream, sugar and flavorings. You can also use it to make fruit juice slush, sorbet, frozen yogurt and icy cold beverages. An ice cream machine makes it so easy to whip up a cool treat for your family, any time the mood strikes.

This machine that brings so much sweet pleasure is actually a very simple concept:

1. Inside the ice cream maker, seated in its belly, are storage containers. You will pour your blended ingredients into this storage container.

2. The mixture is drawn from the storage container into a freezing chamber edged with refrigerant liners.

3. The mixture is blended and fluffed with by agitator blades that are powered by an electric motor.

4. In the refrigerated chamber, the ice cream sets and becomes firm.

5. At serving time, just raise the handle on the dispenser unit, and the ice cream falls into your bowl.

In the past, entire families would take turns cranking the old-fashioned ice cream maker. Ingredients were mixed in a prepared metal container, which was kept cold by storing it in a mixture of ice and salt. All of the kids, mom and dad would help by turning the crank to move the paddles, or by stirring the ingredients with a wooden paddle. This took a lot of effort, but the results were so sweet. Over the years improvements were made to the ice cream making process. For example, motorized paddle agitators were fitted into metal containers. Of course, today's machines can churn out the same quality of tasty ice cream at the push of a button.

Any one who has children, grandchildren, or a sweet tooth can create delicious treats any time with a home made ice cream machine.

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