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An ice cream maker is a machine used in making dairy products such as ice cream. Different variations and features of ice cream makers have now been introduced in home and commercial uses.

Ice cream makers can be hand cranking or with an electric motor. This chills the ice cream using a freezing mixture and by pre-cooling it into the refrigerator or the machine itself. The mixture must be chilled and stirred in simultaneously in order to produce a creamy and smooth ice cream. Some machines require chilling for an extra hour or for a desired consistency, especially those mixtures containing alcohol.

Historically, legend says that some historians during the 3000 B.C. credited the Chinese with creating the first ice cream circa and brought it back to Europe. Now, there are a growing numbers of ice cream makers being produced in the old-fashioned way using fresh and local ingredients made by hand.

A manual machine comprises an outer and inner bowl, which turns paddle, also called a dasher, in stirring the mixture. The outer bowl has a freezing mixture of ice and salt, as the salt melts the ice. This type is inconvenient but inexpensive.

Electric machines, on the other hand, possess an electric motor that drives the paddle to stir in the mixture. There are three types:
Counter-top machine - a low cost machine that uses a double-walled bowl, which contains solution to freeze below the freezing capacity of water. Once it is frozen, the mixture puts it into the machine after 20-30 minutes of paddling.

Small freezer units - this machine sits inside the freezer and is similar to the food processor that rotates in slow motion. It paddles automatically and stops if the ice cream becomes frozen. There is no pre-freezing of appliance necessary.

Built-in freezing mechanism unit - ice cream is ready in twenty to thirty minutes as the cooling system switches on. This machine is impractical in small kitchens.

The top five ice cream producing states in the United States are:

It is no wonder why California has cornered the market’s best ice cream. This is because of its temperate climate and fresh dairy products. The United States manufacturers also showcase many variations of ice cream makers, either hand-made or electrically done variations.

Here is the list of ice cream makers in the United States that really catches consumer interest in making ice cream as a dessert.

White Mountain Ice Cream Maker
White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers are one of the finest ice cream makers in home usage.

White Mountain 6-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker $199.99
oMaple Finish
oThree Gear Triple Motion Cast Iron Drive
oCapacity- 6 quarts
oTub Is Approximately 11 ½ inches wide
oCommercial Grade Universal Motor: 110 A.C Volts, 1.5 Amp., 12,000 R.P.M.
oThree Coats of stain, sealer and lacquer
oNew England White Pine Tongue And Groove Tub
oCream Can (Stainless Steel)
oApproximately 6 ¼ inches wide and 12 inches high
oCast Iron Tin Plated Dasher equipped with Norwegian Beachwood Scraper Blades
oFive Year Guarantee On Stainless Steel Cream Can
oOne Year Warranty On Unit
o21 Pounds Shipping Weight

White Mountain 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker $189.89
o110 (A.C.) Volts
oMaple Finish
oThree Gear Triple Motion Cast Iron Drive
oTub Is Approximately 11.5″ Wide
oThree even coats of Stain, Sealer, and Lacquer
oCapacity - 4 quarts
oCommercial Grade Universal Motor: 12,000 R.P.M., 1.5 Amp
oCream Cans (Stainless Steel)
oCan Is Approximately 5 1/2″ Wide and 11 1/8″ High
o20 Pounds Shipping Weight
oCast Iron Tin Plated Dasher equipped with Norwegian Beechwood Scraper Blades

Gelato Chef 2500 Professional Ice Cream Maker by Nemox $1,049.00
o60 minute timer
oHardwearing plastic body
oPaddle stops when lid is removed
oAllows 2 kilograms ice cream per hour
oElegant and innovative design

Compressor unit: 5.5 cc
Reduction gearbox: 63 rmp
Max quantity of ingredients - lbs. /g.: 3/ 1500
Aluminum removable bowl Capacity: 2½quart / 2.5 Liters
AISI304 stainless fixed bowl Capacity: 2½quart / 2.5 Liters
Companies offer various types of ice cream makers with its complete array of designs and functionality. Whether hand-made or electric, it is still best to know some features that can help ice cream lovers for as easy and quick way of making it and handling such creamy and enjoyable dessert.

Consumers nowadays are driven to put healthy and farm-fresh ingredients in ice creams that will lessen the calorie content of this dessert.

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