Mexican Candy the Hot Side of Confection in Mexico

Mexican kids are lucky in that they have a large range of candies to choose from both sweet and spicy. Mexican candy is delicious but a lot of it is quite different from American candy because it is spicy! Mexicans like to add chili to a lot of their food and candy is no exception. You can also get chewing gum, Mexican milk candy, chocolate candies, and gummy candies, Mexican candy recipes, which cater to every taste and type of sweet tooth. The Mexicans are not scared of spiciness. Perhaps their motto is, if you can eat it, put some chili in it! If you want to have a go at making your own, there are plenty of recipes for traditional Mexican candy online.

Something quite new in the Mexican candy market is called Salsaghetti. This is a pack of watermelon straws, which look a bit like pasta. They have a spicy flavor and come with a pouring sauce, which is called gusano tamarind. Tamarind is a popular Asian fruit but is also grown in Mexico. A lot of Mexican candy actually contains tamarind. Salsaghetti might look like a pasta meal but you will not find any candy meatballs lurking in it.

Lollipops are a lot different from what you would taste in other countries. In Mexico, they can come very hot. The candies are Jalapeo hot. Americans are used to spicy candies that are full of cinnamon, but children from Mexico love the lollipops with chili powder on the outside. The inside can be different flavors. Mango is a big hit because it offers a different taste than the chili. There are also flavored chili-peppered lollipops. Other flavors include pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, and more.

Since Mexico is responsible for introducing the joys of chocolate to the world, thanks to the Aztecs, you might assume that present day Mexicans enjoy chocolate candies. Actually, they do not consume that much compared to other countries. What they prefer is to use chocolate as an ingredient in their drinks or in traditional Mexican recipes such as mole poblano, which is a nut, chili, onion, garlic and chocolate sauce. Have a look for some mole poblano recipes and try making your own. You might find someone enjoying a chocolate patty candy, which perhaps also contains sugar, almonds, and cinnamon, but the Mexicans are not big eaters of chocolate.

Dulce de leche is a much-loved Mexican treat. Meaning "milk candy," dulce de leche is like caramel in taste and appearance. It can be eaten alone or as a topping for dishes such as Mexican ice cream or grilled bananas. If you want to know how to make dulce de leche, it is very straightforward. You need to boil sweetened condensed milk for several hours or make your own with sugar and goat's milk or cow's milk. It keeps well in the refrigerator but you will need to heat it up again so you can pour it. Once you have made some, you might want to use it in dulce de leche flan, dulce de leche cheesecake or in a dulce de leche sauce recipe. Dulce de leche cake is very popular with Mexicans.

Other countries are getting familiar with dulce de leche recipes too. Starbucks has a dulce de leche flavored latte, which the Americans like. Dulce de leche ice cream is sold across grocery stores in the southwest of the United States.

Mexican candies can be found at local Mexican grocers. Let your taste buds try some new treats. If you cannot find any stores close to where you live, many online stores sell Mexican candies. If hot is not the type of candy you would enjoy, there is also different chocolate, and caramel candies. Give it a try today! You might just enjoy a new sensation.

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