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Popcorn machines have become an indispensable part of many kitchens. In many hotels, restaurants and coffee shops popcorn machines are fitted in the entrance. This tempts people and so usually it is a common sight to see a big queue in front of the popcorn machine stalls. Popcorn machines such as the old fashion popcorn popper are common in places where people frequently visit. Popcorn is unique, but how does it function is hardly known to a handful of people.

Comprehending on the way the popcorn machine works is useful when you decide upon fitting a machine for your home. There are three main elements that make the popcorn work and they are the moisture present inside the kernel, the starch present in the kernel and the tough shell enveloping the kernel. A popcorn kernel gets heated up in a microwave and in a popcorn popper as well. Generally, the moment the popcorn kernel gets heated up; the moisture present inside the kernel inflates or enlarges. The moisture present in the kernel is essential for a popcorn kernel. The percentage of moisture present in the kernel should be perfect for the kernels to pop. The pressure in the tough shell gets highly heated and then only the kernels explode. The white solid part that forms during this process is the gelatinized starch particle that does not get exploded. In fact it expands and forms thin, jelly like bubbles. The adjacent bubbles combine and solidify. This forms a network of three dimensions. This is the fluffy white solid that we eat.
There are certain experiments to understand the factual performance of popcorn. Firstly, wear glasses when you try to pop the kernels as it is not very easy though it may sound so. Using a needle puncture the shells of the popcorn kernels and then trying the same by popping the kernels will clearly show that the pressure cannot be created in the interiors of the punctured kernels. Secondly, allow the kernels to stand in an oven that is warm or place it directly in the sun for many days, and then attempt popping it. The sun or oven will completely dry the kernels and make them extremely difficult to pop. Thirdly, attempt to pop popcorn at low temperatures approximately below 150 degrees C or nearly 300 degrees F. you will notice that the popcorns does not pop. This is mainly because it has to reach beyond a particular temperature to create the pressure inside the kernel to rise to the point of popping.
There are benefits of a popcorn popper. It is customarily observed that people appreciate eating fresh popcorn as it tastes better than the popcorn purchased from a store. If you wish to add ingredients such as popcorn pepper, you can do so while the popcorn is popping. Popcorn poppers are available at affordable rates. The popcorn popper takes more time than the microwave popcorn, but this also depends on the type of popper you own. Choosing the right popper is essential to have fresh popcorn. Understanding the poppers working system will help you in purchasing an appropriate popper.

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