popcorn machine, old fashion popcorn popper

Old fashioned popcorn popper, kettle corn popper

Popcorn popper machines give fresh popcorns identical to the one that are available in the movie theaters. Old fashioned popcorn poppers are the kettle corn popper machines. The old kettle corn popper gives the same old typical fresh corn and contains the same flavor as well as taste offered in the movie theatres. Indeed resisting this taste is a tough task. But, now the same popcorns can be enjoyed at home.

Understanding the proper usage of popper will serve the purpose of having fresh popcorns. Firstly, for having a theater effect popcorn put all the ingredients at the same time and stir it. Then switch on the pop for heating. If the oil is in a solid state, melting the oil is essential to remove the heat. Secondly, the popper works at all the places such as kitchen stove top or camping stove. Only the heat settings differ depending on the unit. If it is an electric popper, initiate with medium and then to medium high. While a gas or camping stove can be at medium only. It is not mandatory to prepare the entire batch of popcorn every time. Preparing lesser quantities is also possible by putting 1 tablespoon popcorn and 1 teaspoon oil gives one quart of the popped corn. Thirdly, the popper size is measured by the pot depth. If the quart is 4 inches deep, then you get 4 quarts, likewise if you have 8 inches deep quart, it gives you 8 quarts. In case of using lesser than 1 tablespoon oil, then stirring becomes essential until the process is completed that takes only 2 or 3 minutes. In case of using more oil, then stirring in the beginning and then during the process of popping is sufficient. Slow and steady stirring allows the popping process to function perfectly. Similarly, stirring it clockwise is always preferred.

Cleaning the popper is necessary. Cleaning the popper with warm soapy water is important. When you are preparing theater popcorn, wiping the popper using paper towels or warm soap water is necessary. Cleaning the popper in the dishwasher is also one of the best ways of cleaning. However, the lid should not undergo the drying cycle process as it may affect the wooden handles quality in the future. Cleaning after every use or after 4 or 5 uses is also accepted. Generally, the poppers are stored on the stove tops or on refrigerator tops. Poppers are not oven secured, so storing it in the oven is not recommended. This is because if suddenly an oven is turned on, the popper will get damaged. Storing popcorn in airtight containers helps in retaining the moisture in the kernel.

Purchasing a popper after acquiring details from various sources is essential. Similarly, after purchasing a popper, seasoning the bottom of the pan with a paper towel and oil is essential. Seasoning of pan restricts the oil consumption while popping such as even for 8 quart of popcorn using 1 teaspoon of oil is sufficient. Using any oil for popper is acceptable. Popcorn of any variety works well with poppers. Adding seasonings that are salt based is essential, as adding seasoning without salt base can burn the popcorn or can make the popcorn tough.

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