Protein Bars May Really Be Hidden Candy Bars

So, you're probably wondering... Why do I think protein bars suck? After all, almost everybody seems to think protein bars are "health food". Below are a few reasons why most protein bars suck:

1. Most protein bars are marketed as "health foods" but to be completely honest, many of them are just candy bars in disguise, loaded with sugars and processed fats. I have even found several brands of bars that were loaded with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Shockingly, in my travels, I have also found several protein bars that contained trans fats from artificial hydrogenated oils! How can anything labeled as a health food contain the deadliest food additive ever invented? This is not only dishonest to market something containing artificial trans fat and high fructose corn syrup as "health foods", but it is also immoral!

2. Many protein bars taste like cardboard or chalk. Some protein bars are just loaded with so many chemicals and stuffed with so much overly-processed protein, they forgot to make them taste good (this is the opposite of the protein bars that are simply glorified candy bars).

3. Many protein bars try too hard to be "low carb" and hence are loaded with highly processed sugar alcohols. A lot of people frequently experience diarrhea and excess gassy problems from all of these sugar alcohols. Embarrassing moments anyone?

4. Many protein bars have a chemical list that is a mile long with stabilizers, fillers, and preservatives! What happened to making these "health foods"? Once again... for some of these protein bars or energy bars, there is not a whole lot healthy going on.

I'm excited to say that my good friends at Prograde Nutrition have made the perfect snack bars called Prograde Cravers.

These bars are brand new as of a couple weeks ago and have already been labeled as the "Best Tasting Bars on the Planet... and 100% Organic too!"

They are not protein bars per se, but rather "snack bars" containing 100% organic and nutrient-dense ingredients to satisfy not only your hunger and taste buds, but also your body's nutritional needs.

Cravers are only 180 calories too, so they are perfect for a quick on-the-go snack in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon to satisfy your appetite and keep your blood sugar stable until your next meal... a nice convenient snack to bring with you to work every day, on road trips, or on vacation, and help you avoid the junk-food snacks that are everywhere you look.

Cravers are also loaded with healthy fats from all-natural ingredients, so I was happy to see this. Also, they are made with 100% organic dark chocolate coating, rich in antioxidants, and making them even more delicious.

Prograde Cravers were released a couple weeks ago at a conference of fitness professionals, trainers, and nutritionists, and they were so popular that they have already sold out of their entire initial inventory.

Check out more info about the delicious and 100% Organic Prograde Cravers below.

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