Recipes For Candy Kids Can Make

Kids do love eating sweets and often, they will buy candies out on the store spending couple of quarters for sweets. For moms who have kids, you can teach your kids making candy and for sure it can create a bonding for you too. There are recipes for candy kids can make which are available. The process is simple and the end result is tastier and healthier too.

One of the more simple recipes for candy kids can make that you can teach your young ones would be the Easiest Fudge in the World. This is one recipe which is so simple that you spend more time in preparation that the actual cooking. All you need would be a twelve ounce semisweet chocolate chips and a fourteen ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, double-check that you are using sweetened condensed milk since common mistake by other mothers would be using an evaporated milk instead. To begin, get a microwave safe bowl where you need to place your chocolate chips and milk. Heat it inside the microwave oven for about two to three minutes on medium power. After two minutes, stir it and continue stirring at one minute intervals in between microwave heating. Do this until chocolate chips are already melted and when the mixture achieves smoothness. Pour the mixture into a greased pan of about 8 inches in size to let it cool down. This recipe makes about two pounds of candy that your kids will enjoy!

Another one from the list of recipes for candy kids can make would be the Nut Goody Bars. This recipe is just fantastic it is so rich so make sure that you would be able to cut then into small square pieces. Ingredients you need would include a twelve ounce of semisweet chocolate chips, butterscotch chips of the same size, a couple of peanut butter cups, two cups of peanuts, a cup of butter, a twelve ounce evaporated milk in can, a quarter cup of light cream, 3 ounces of vanilla pudding mix, and two pounds of powdered sugar. Get a jelly roll pan sized 15x10, butter it and set aside for later use. Melt you chocolate and butterscotch chips in a large saucepan until it becomes smooth by stirring frequently. Add your peanut butter when you remove the pan fro the heat and continue to stir until mixture is melted. Half of this mixture will be spread into the prepared pan and place inside a refrigerator while the other half of the chocolate mixture will be mixed with peanuts in a saucepan. Grab another pan to combine butter milk and pudding mix in medium heat. After heating, add the sugar and vanilla and cool for fifteen minutes. Get the pudding mixture and spread it over the solid chocolate mixture in the jelly roll pan. Cool for 30 minutes then add the reserved mixture to cover. In about to hours, it will be ready for cutting and served after storing in refrigerator.

These are just a couple of examples of recipes for candy kids can make. Im sure a lot of moms there are willing to share their own home made recipes that kids would surely love.

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