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It was Herbert Birch Kingston who taught us to think about the orphans and aged people at least once in a year. And, that marked the beginning of Sweetest Day. It started with the candy company employee, Kingston. The Cleverland man felt for the city orphans who are usually forgotten and neglected throughout the year. But, the critics claim Sweetest Day as an artificial holiday to boost the revenues of candy and greeting card companies. Let's not make fun with the sentiment of that great man, Herbert Birch Kingston. Even Retail Confectioners International describes Sweetest Day as an "occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed."

The best gift of Sweetest Day can be the sweetest food item, candy. The objective of the day is to make everyone happy. Sweetest Day actually gives us a reminder that a thoughtful word or deed enriches life and gives meaning to the same. You can send candies to anyone you love. The person can be your beloved or mother or even your sweet neighbor who stands by you at the time of crisis.

Candies are one of the most selling gift items for Sweetest Day. You can either go for solid chocolate bars or a piece of multiple layerings. The candies which are made out of a fine mixture of nuts, fruits and grains are the most favorite ones. The candy stuffs are available in coconut to marzipan or caramel to cookie forms. Candy bars are getting more and more popular day by day. One can trace back its birth in 19th century but its growth as a confectionery commercial venture can be witnessed in the early 20th century. Candy bars are now made and consumed all over the world. The manufacturing procedure is local tastes and environmental conditions specific.

Apart from just giving sweet gift to your closed ones on Sweetest Day, you can even take care of their health. Some special candy bars are now made for nutritional supplementation purposes. They are rich with proteins and vitamins. But they are as sweet as the other ones. So, wrap the candies of Power Bar Brand to give out nutritious gifts to your loved ones.

The gift will be more sweet if you go for home made candy recipes. Chocolate cream candy is a very tasty one and also easy to cook. Put butter into granite saucepan and then add sugar, milk, chocolate, and vanilla. You can also add cinnamon instead of vanilla. The sweet effect comes from intense boiling. Or you can even try Glace Walnuts candy recipe. For this, you need to boil a cup of sugar with few grains of cream of tartar and syrup. It is interesting to note that the first recorded candy recipes came from Egyptians about 3500B.C. Prehistoric men ate honey straight from beehives. Honey is the basic ingredient for all sweet products. So, this can be taken as the first form of candy on earth.

And if you are running short of time, then , do not worry. Retail shops are ready with their varied range of candies. Marketing strategies are being religiously followed to let the people know about the new candy preparations available on this Sweetest Day. Previously, Sweetest Day was a regional event but now, it is celebrated in entire United States and even in some other parts of the world outside States. Let us not get into the controversy whether Sweetest Day is an artificial holiday or not. Try to keep the spirit of Kingston intact. Celebrate the joy of living and giving!

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