The Effects of Fast Food

As the world progresses people do not have time for anything, adults are entirely rapped up in there jobs, as they just want to be successful and give there family a wealthy living and students are now more than ever attending after school classes such as martial arts, singing or dancing lessons. So where does this current living lifestyle leave us with fulfilling our body with the correct nutrients?

Well I can answer this straight away, a huge population of the modern day families are now turning to fast food and ready made meals, as people no longer have time in the day to sit down and cook a meal. But these meals have a devastating effect on not only our body but also our minds. We will now take a look at some major disadvantages from eating this type of food.

The first and most obvious is obesity, it has been stated that one cheeseburger contains more calories than our bodies need to consume in a whole day. Therefore if you make one trip to a fast food outlet and consume 3 burgers, you will be eating a weeks worth of calories in a day. Now imagine you were constantly eating the same meal every day of the week, 3 cheeseburgers a days will equal to 21 cheeseburgers a week, which gives a massive 7 weeks of recommended calories. Now switch this to a month of eating cheeseburgers and you would have already exceeded half a years of calories and this is not even taking into account the fries or drink.

But besides from putting on weight, obesity can have a major ill effect on your health. It is said that obesity is the major cause of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

As you probably already know, food directly affects the way in which we think and feel, as junk food is very low in nutritional value and full of preservatives it has led researchers to come to the evaluation that the terrible ingredients can lead to mental disorders such as dyslexia and ADHD.

Eating fast food in moderation is acceptable, eating vegetables and fresh foods should always be your number one priority no matter how busy you may be, your health should be your major concern in life. As no one wishes to spend there time sitting around in a hospital. Remember you only get one life so look after it!

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